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What is an escape game? The very title of this category of games suggests that they are seeking a way out of a room. The main character of these games are locked or put in a closed space, which are carefully guarded. Not sure this room is a prison or a room. Often it is an apartment, an old castle or a secret laboratory where scientists live a little bit nutty, dreaming to his experiments on you. Some games have a storyline, which tells of how our hero found himself in a place from which escape is now so necessary. But this is not everywhere. Often, in the flash games you only have to put the fact that you need to implement one single purpose - to escape from the premises. Games related to escape not only allow you to spend your leisure time entertaining, but also to develop some useful skills. For example, in games such developed mindfulness, as to escape from whatever it was, the player needs to see the smallest details in order to find the necessary things that will help to get out of an enclosed space. Games related to escape, sometimes reminiscent of classic quests, though in this case, they are limited in time. In most games need to escape for some time, so have to think as quickly as possible. Subjects in these games is very diverse. Sometimes you need to escape from the room of the artist, which is littered with various paints, canvases and paintings. To choose them such a creative environment, which can be called "creative disorder" have a try. During the escape, need to squeeze paint from a tube, flipping book, to see what is under the pictures and do many other minor things that will come to the same-result - escape from the room. Some games need to get out of the restaurant, and some need to find a path to freedom from the mansion of the bin Laden. It is very difficult to find a way to select out of the room, where not seen any doors or windows. Especial popular games based on television series Prison Break. The whole world watched for four years as a brilliant design engineer Michael Scofield resigned from his job, and specifically went to jail to arrange an escape for his brother and save him from death. It's not so easy to escape from a prison as "the Fox River." First we need to create an escape plan in advance analyzing all the possible problems, traps and unexpected situations.

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