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All lovers of the genre quest can now diversify their leisure new trend called "out of the room", which also includes the topic of search items. Having started playing online out of the room, you will plunge into a world of chaos and mystery. Not so simple as it seems on the surface. To get out of a confined space, you should make every effort to resolve and a lot of jobs, solve the code, look at all the overt and secret corners of the room. Conventional interior items can store a hidden niche, invisible at first glance. And found objects can help only if they connect and apply it in the right place. Only when all can find and apply correctly, only then you will exit, and you will be able to leave the enclosed space. Each new game offers a variety of conditions and place of residence. Perhaps it will be a chic hotel room with elegant furniture, paintings, rugs and fireplace. But even in this cozy nest do not want to spend the rest of his life. When you try to go outside, you will see that the door is securely locked, and no other way, at least, is obvious. Look for and collect items and will probably find the ones that are and will show you the way to freedom. However, not always you're lucky to be in such a comfortable place. Imagine that opened my eyes, you will find yourself in a hospital ward or mental hospital prison cell. Wake up in a locked closet or terrorists in a shabby room, too, can not be called a pleasant adventure. To escape, you have to exert all their imagination to come up in any order, disconnect the wires on the bomb, sawed bars, the lock and make a lot of other activities that will ensure the safety of the escape. But as for the terrorists - their actions do not seem strange. Caught in a mental hospital or a prison? Perhaps you are guilty. But when you do not expect to catch, then it becomes really uncomfortable. Fall into the trap that has placed best friend - a real disgusting. Before going to visit a friend, think, and not whether she faked you nasty, as in one of the games? After a friendly tea masters left the room, and when you try to leave the heroine, too, all the doors were locked. Time is at midnight, outside dark and deserted, the parents probably already worried that her daughter is not so long. Your task is to find a solution as quickly as possible, while you still can. Treacherous friends, this is not the worst thing that can happen to you if you play online out of the room to play. Halloween has long been a child's play, and no one else is frightening. But that is if you are in the company of friends and have fun, comparing costumes and lively music for dancing in the club or somewhere in someone's apartment. Imagine that on the night of All Saints you woke up locked in an old, abandoned crypt. Somewhere in the distance uhayut owls and ravens cry lonely, dark corners of the heat burn someone's eyes, swaying cobweb and candles flickering in the draft. Someone scraping the stone floor with sharp claws, and the wind brings a soft whisper and hysterical laughter. In such a place does not want to celebrate the holiday, the more alone. This is not fun and that is why it is necessary to quickly get out of this strange place. This will be your main concern. Stories and a lot of different stories, and hardly read about them more interesting than the play itself. That's why we offer you not to waste time in vain and soon begin the games that we have collected for you a lot.

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