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Summer in nature - it is a dream of every urban dweller. Tired of jostling in the transport, car exhaust, stuffy apartment high-rise buildings, I want to breathe in deeply clean country air, where the mixed aromas of meadow grasses, fresh hay, fresh milk, and rivers. Even the smell of the farm seems to be so pleasant that involuntarily drawn into itself with greed. Maybe ESTIMATED profession, leave the village and become a farmer? For starters, try your hand at building a virtual farm, starting at the farm to play online for free. That opportunity you have on our web site under the heading, which contains games of one subject, but with different subjects. Creating their own agricultural business, you'll soon learn what it means to grow up normal weed beds or cabbage and carrots. The fact that the part looks so simple, in fact, requires hard, hard work and a lot of effort. And those who did not think of, where are the products in the supermarket, they will know that eggs, milk, meat and vegetables farmers produce and then sell the fruits of their efforts to wholesale buyers and retail markets. This is a difficult and laborious work that requires experience and knowledge. Early spring agricultural workers start their work: plow the land, sowing, watering, fertilizing, weed, and only then, when the harvest is ripe, carefully collect it, placed in specially designed containers and shipped to customers. In addition to products of plant origin, the farmer must have time to take care of livestock. Buy feed for poultry and livestock, and clean out the chicken coops barn of manure, collect eggs, milk cows and shear sheep. Do not forget that they need to graze, and see that they were healthy. All this should be well organized to avoid chaos and confusion has arisen. Online games include farm process all these important events for the farm. You will have to carefully monitor the situation and take appropriate decisions in time. Harvest, process and products to the storage, then to forward to the market and sell. You, too, will enter into a contract with regular customers in the face of the owners of restaurants, markets, supermarkets and food processing factories. Having signed a contract, you take on the responsibilities clearly fulfill the agreed delivery time and quantity. If you fail, the contract is avoided, and you lose the market. Game farms are not only fun to play, but also educational. You will learn all the details of farm business and will soon be able to orient yourself in it. Playing games online for free farm with elements of the economic strategy, you will be able to buy new equipment, crops and livestock. And also to deal exclusively aimed at making a profit - buying and reselling other people's products. Play farm very informative and interesting. From the first minutes of the game addictive and does not let go of your attention. First, things are going smoothly, but as you progress, the speed and number of mandatory work increases. Over time you will see the construction of a mini-processing factories grown products. Egg powder can be made from grain flour, of wool yarn and so on. In this section you will find a different plots. Frenzy with its inhabitants will give you funny humor, good cheer, and you can appreciate all the positive gaming experience. Rural atmosphere bring into your life a little variety, and in anticipation of the long-awaited trip out of town, you can enjoy the games of the genre.

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