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Fashion does not leave indifferent girls. All that is connected with it, is connected with the female. From an early age girls want to dress up and look stunning. In modern society, a woman is no longer associated with the housewife, seamstress or a cook. Now Olympus business conquered and it sits a lovely, intelligent, elegant woman. And what kind of business for the most desirable women? Of course - Fashion! To combine business and fashion, you can enjoy life, beauty and prosperity. It was in this role you will act, played 2 online fashion boutique. If you were able to build a business from scratch on their own - that's great, but it is always nice when there is a basis from which to push off and begin to develop. This served as the basis for a gift for a girl of her cousin Alice, who presented her fashion boutique. Agree that this is expensive gift and every girl wants to get on your birthday something like that. But to become the owner of such a wonderful institution, this is only half the story. Business to prosper, it must be supported and developed. This is what is waiting for you throughout the game. As you may have guessed, the game contains an economic component. You will be serving customers, helping them to choose fashion accessories and selling them. If you have played in similar economic strategy, then you know that the money earned should be put into circulation by buying modern equipment, beautiful jewelry and useful things that your visitors have a pleasant and comfortable is. The better you service the users, the more satisfied they will, and then come back to you yet, taking girlfriends. Hire staff who can help you serve visitors and clean room of debris. Each successful game is sure to go with the extensions. That is why the fashion boutique 3 online play seems quite natural. In this part of our heroine wins a substantial amount of money and decides to expand his business. For a man radeyuschego for their cause, this act is natural. You now have a lot more opportunities, but also more responsibility. If you looked to the past only vip-person, but now you have CCJ, honeymooners and other important guests. Approach to such people also need a special, after all, if a journalist remain dissatisfied your service, she wrote in a fashion magazine about you such an article, that to you will not come any client. The complexity of service newlyweds is that they will have to please no one by one and the same time. But do not think that such a broad topic, like fashion, is limited only by a series of these games. Fashion is the basis of many flash games and you can see this, walking up to the section of our web site. You can dress up these famous characters like Barbie, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Fairy Winx, Bratz dolls, Snow White. Can still control the French fashion boutique, pick up wedding dresses or suits for walking. You will have plenty of opportunities to show their talent entrepreneur, who perfectly understands fashion. Game 2 play fashion boutique offers all active fashionistas who want to be on the crest of the fashion wave. In continuation you will already feel in this area is stable, where your experience will not be lost in vain. The rest of the game theme and variety to offer options of fashion stories. Games are full of beautiful graphics and voice acting, and funny remarks game buyers will add a share of humor and lift your mood.

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