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In the summer of 1991 on the blue TV screens went telecast "Field of Dreams." This is an entertaining TV show was in line with the least popular show, "How to Be a Millionaire" and "What? Where? When?, "And was quickly overgrown popularity. Even so, the "Field of Dreams" can be called the most popular game, which is open access to virtually everyone. Its permanent leader Leonid Yakubovich sly grin in his mustache and generously gives out gifts and cash prizes. But do not forget to take guests from the studio offering, sending them to the museum "Fields of Wonders." Eager to get to shoot a wonderful TV show, over time, not diminishing. As with any show, the participants do not always demonstrate their intellectual abilities at full strength, but they are great to cheer up and score transfer. Popularity of many TV product often serves as a pretext for the creation of their computer counterparts. No exception and this game. Field of Miracles game created in different variations and many are decorated according to the rules the TV version. On a lighter background stand filled squares, hiding the letter hidden word. Underneath is the drum with the notation of cells that are able to double or triple your winnings. During rotation of the drum, you get points that are converted into monetary value and are recorded in the left side of the playing field. Number of your attempts at guessing the letters that you, too, find the box, and rotate the drum will be a special button on the right. Call letters have by clicking on them in letter row at the bottom of the screen. Guess the letter appears in one of the dark squares, but if a word more of the same letters, they will open all at once. If the answer is incorrect, you will be told about it, and notify the remaining attempts. Each incorrect answer takes one of the three available attempts an answer. A roll of "zero", you do not get points on your account, but the cell is a "gift", brings additional, bonus try. But beware of the "figs" - it will void all of your previously earned points. If you want to name the word once, the right answer will bring you a thousand points, and thus rubles. In addition to the original version of the game Field of Miracles, you will find similar games that follow the main theme, but made in different variations. There is also a version for young fans of intellectual games, where children can play, otgadyvaya names of fish, birds, insects and animals. Rules of the game are also somewhat vary a lot with the main. If you dropped the "plus", the player can open any letter of your choice. "Prize" offers the player to guess under which of the two areas he was hiding. In the case of right answer, comes at the expense of two hundred points, and are given the opportunity to open any letter. In case of failure - leave the game until the next round. "Zero" conveys the right move to the next participant, and "bankrupt", in addition, remove all points earned. But "X2" double points, and if the party game correctly identifies the letter several times, his scores increased three times, four, and so on. In 2012, company "Buka", known for her sense of humor in computer games, has released a version of the game "Field of Dreams." Before us is ironic Yakubovich and continues to amuse with his tricks. In the game you can play for yourself or take on this role one from the celebrities. The developers have made the game the idea, and now the game earned money, you can build your own house, buying furnishings, decorations and other goodies. Showing erudition, why not have fun?

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Field of Miracles game free online

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