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Great wisdom says that any dispute can be resolved with words. Another wisdom says that good without fists wins. Can be a long time to pour wisdom, but when you move armed enemy, you're bombarded with it though daisies, though smiles dazzle even drown in the nod - no help. Civilized dialogue is acceptable to civilized representative, when the representative of the attacker's face has all the telltale signs of muscle development and the lack of even the slightest spark of intelligence in his eyes, then left with no choice but to pick up something heavier, and reflect the attack. And if you have a close partner, the result of the struggle decided in your favor. To fight against each other or side by side - that's what you'll be doing, playing games for two fights. Whichever option you choose, but you are guaranteed to enjoy the gameplay in any way. Fairly distribute the roles by selecting a character on the side you want to perform. This choice will determine the method of control and his hero - one player will work arrows, and the second with the letters of the keyboard. Control is very simple, and a few minutes later, you fully master the technique. Games for two fights offer a very wide range of subjects. This may be the cosmic war, combat, military companies, and comic scenes with different characters. War one against the other bees will be on all the rules of advocacy, but because it is only insects that have been associated with a sweet honey, it looks like it's very funny. War Kingdoms, has always been in the history of one of the mandatory programs of each era. At issue always favored land - each kingdom was willing to grab the neighbors plum and attach it to themselves. In one of the versions of the game land again became a "bone of contention", and you'll fight for the right to possess it. That share the Gods? Turns out they have their own interests, otherwise there would be this war that developed between them in one of the games. Well, look for yourself one of them, and fought for their divine right. You can compete in different directions. Gold miners are no exception, and now, along with a friend you face catch gold fever during the competition. Who will produce more of the filthy lucre? Gambling, like appetite, visits during the process. If at first you decide that you divide the booty equally regardless of who, how much mined gold, will soon realize that sharing the rich do not want to catch. And to be in a greater profit, trying to work faster and pan for gold more than your friend. Here's a he, the gold, the mercantile illness. There are also a lot of fun fighting game for two players. Thrown into the gorillas, you will be throwing each other bananas, and each successful hit - it's your game points. Or two unidentified animal something is not shared (history holds that one), and now hit each other with their small fists, otveshivaya cuffs and leaving a trail of damage on the body. And there hare sat opposite each other and inflate balloons on speed. Do you know who will win? Whoever has the ball quickly become so large that it touches the sharp spines of cactus and burst! The more balls you can destroy it, the closer your victory. As you know, play the game for two fights very fun and not painful. The main thing in the game is not to quarrel for real, it's only a game, and therefore, do not be offended by too much blow.

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