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At the core of the game, which we are offering you, lay down the action of two opposites. Games Fire and Water 4 will be your guide through the maze multiple hazardous obstacles, and only by working as a team, you will be able to succeed. Fire boy and girl whit rarely come close to each other, otherwise the light will go out, and the droplet evaporates. But, despite these disadvantages, their friendly team accomplishes these feats and demonstrates mutual support and a strong friendship. Where the puddles do not pass a light, a drop easily overcomes this element. The same thing happens if the element of fire does not allow a drop pass through it, and hurries to rescue boy light. But often on their way there is a danger that threatens to destroy both characters - poisonous green pools are an insurmountable obstacle for two. But nothing is impossible if you work together and use your head. In fire and water can play online just two players, each controlling his character. Play together in a game that can captivate for hours, always gambling. Just do not forget to observe the distance, and take actions without crossing. You will soon learn to work together and to be careful. Adventure worthy of Indiana Jones will give you a lot of pleasure and adventure in the Temple of Light. You wait a dangerous traps and unexpected danger. But if you develop joint tactics, even the most impenetrable areas to surrender your logic and cohesive team always finds a way out of a difficult situation. The game's plot fire and water 2 takes you to the Temple of the forest, which is filled with traps and new jobs. To help overcome the heroes lava and water lakes bypass dangerous areas, move blocks, collect the gems and exit through the door that takes you to the next stage of the game. Each level carries new and dangerous job. The key to success will be your logic, and the ability to act coherently. One of the most dangerous traps are green acid puddles that cleverly masked. Be alert and do not get caught in them. Theme of the game Fire and Water 3 will lead you to the ice temple. Here you will have the additional disadvantage - cold and permafrost covered everything. But once our heroes have set a goal, then, will have to overcome all hardships. Again you're looking for jewelry, dodge traps, drag them around, push the levers and start their underlying mechanisms, to move the elevators and include new lifts or lower bridges. These are all different versions of the game, which every time I offer you a look at the story in a new way. This multi-level games, each of which becomes more and more difficult. If at first your main task is to collect all the gems and overcome small obstacles, the game will soon become virtually strategy. The main objective of each level is to find the green diamond, and it is not easy. Passage of many levels is complicated by the fact that they do not have lights. In your field of vision will get only those things that are right next to you. How to overcome this trouble, you know, playing games fire and water. The popularity of the game is the fact that the developers did not stop on the first version, and released to continue. Now they do not have much, but hopefully that will soon be able to enjoy new adventures. These wonderful little arcade of representatives of the two elements have already loved by many players.

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