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For education or medical institutions can meet such a wonderful invention, as an aquarium. Bright, colorful fish, slowly floating in green algae and between the stones with decorative aquarium ornaments, lead our feelings into shape and relieve stress. That is why doctors recommend that people who are prone to stress and change of mood install aquariums in their homes. For the creation of the underwater world can be seen for hours, and the longer you look at them, the quieter it becomes in your mind. It seems that all the problems are dissolved in the water and swim with the fish, and the decision, which was given for so long, suddenly, as if to the surface and it seems so natural and simple. Decorating the bottom of the underwater kingdom small decorative lock or wreck with jewelry, you will create more atmosphere, which would be almost a fairy, and a scuba diver, producing bubbles of air, you will find treasure hunters or Captain Nemo, to inspect their possessions. Or perhaps the mermaid Ariel and her friends are about to seem out of the undergrowth and to let you into their stories. If you long to look at the aquarium, you can think of any adventure and any story. But, if you are not already a proud owner of your own stories, start Fishdom 2 game online, and it will be for you the alternative that will not be sad. Wonderful simulator will help you come up with your own version of how to look aquarium. Creating a small underwater world, you will be guided by his imagination and ideas about how things should be arranged to the fishes was nice and comfortable in it. As you play, you'll earn money and buy new for the aquarium inhabitants - fish, snails, turtles. Do not forget about feeders and compressor that supplies oxygen. All of this can be found in a special store, and your goal is to raise the three scales: jewelery, fish and comfort to one hundred percent. Making money on the purchase, you'll be passing through mini-games, collecting the same elements of underwater subjects in chains of three or more in a row. As you play, the levels will be more complex, and now you have to break the chains and blocks, close access to the action. But do not worry - as an aid, you will get access to the bonus items that can break or blow up obstacles. You are free to decide - to spend money earned in one mini game money immediately or save enough money to make the most expensive purchase. Having played a few mini-games in a row, you gain money and have the opportunity to dispose of them at its discretion. Remember - the more expensive the item, the higher percentage for a particular scale it brings. At the bottom of the tank you will see gems, which also bring money. Sometimes, to get to one of them, the need to drag a plant or a decorative element in the direction with the mouse. We are sure that everyone loves to play Fishdom. Do not always have the desire to play an active and aggressive, developing strategic plans and applying tactics. Sometimes you just want to relax with a nice game with a nice storyline and graphics. That is what the game provides the aquarium theme. They soothe, set up on a positive thought, philosophy, and peace. You can play a good music, make it louder or quieter, and if desired, turn off completely. These games just a godsend for those who want a break from the daily hustle and bustle for a quiet game.

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Free online games Fishdom

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