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Free to play cards in the bum every day. Best games to play the fool on our website for all fans of online games!

Card games are popular fun and syschetsya not a single person who can not play cards in a fool. Now that many board games have become computerized, they can easily be found on gaming sites, including ours. Since you're on our web resource is not wasting any time, open your favorite card game and play with a real contender or a computer. As in life, in the online version of the game involved thirty-six cards (sometimes fifty-two). Players can be from two to six, but in the case of a large deck, players can be eight. Each participant receives at the hands of six cards. Players agree in advance which card (which, next after the date or any other) will trump. Trump opens at the last minute and put a rest after the date of the deck in the center of the playing field so that all participants have seen him play. The goal is to break the cards, in her arms. Who in the end was left with at least one card, he is a fool. The owner of the smallest trump acts first. In the following game starts to walk to the right or left of the loser ("a fool" and "bum out"). The course which was always left one or several cards at the same time one value. He who fights back, must cover cards in the suit cards greater value, or trump cards. Progress should trump trump beat off too, but more dignity. If there is nothing to beat cards, they take a player who was making a turn and right turn passes to the player on his left. Buffeted card sent to hang up and do not take part in the game. Next player has on his hands from a deck of cards. Penetrating takes first and last batters. The game may end in a draw when the batter successfully covers all the cards and left empty-handed, and the rest of the players are not left behind. But the players may agree in advance that he who last fought in any case remain a loser. The game allows you to play the fool forever, handing the cards again and again. We have considered the classic version of the game, but there are also options thrown up, transfer and spades spades. On our web site you can play the fool online free, choosing any type of game, especially since all of these options are common, no less. Snap allows you to make a move at the same time multiple cards of the same rank. Player, which is perfect for running, can pick them up or recapture. In the case of the battle, penetrating may throw on the card, the same denomination that appeared in the game. When the game gets more than two players, they too can throw cards, but after penetrating finished throwing his. If Departs decided to take all of the cards can throw up after him again, but their number should match the number of cards in his hand batters. Transferable fool like Snap. The difference is that if dropped on the card is the same hand-esteem that he offered to fight off, he can put them together and put the course to the next participant. The next player, having the same card, can do the same. There is the concept of "travel" - is translated if the card is a trump card. The first time it was possible to show, not laying on the table. Second time to put the move, it will have to pay with other cards. Card game in the fool version of the "peak of the peak" is different in that the peaks can not be the trump card, and they are also struggling with pikes, and Queen of Spades conceals any peak.

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Fool free online games

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