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Computer games quickly and permanently settled in our lives, and now we have no idea how to live without them before. Of course, the virtual world can not replace the real us, but he fills our life with new emotions and gives the opportunity to diversify our leisure. However, if you play alone, just wondering, the game for two online process is still possible to diversify and live communication. In this case, there is always someone to share the experienced impression feel extra excitement caused by the spirit of competition and team play. One computer to play games on the two there is no trouble. Fairly distribute the buttons and keyboard arrows, and which will be controlled and you can start the game, which came to mind both players. Speaking on the same team, you can win the alien aggressors and repel monsters to fight against terrorist groups. Or allocate roles and become a virtual opponents. Compete in the boxing ring, the race track, in the street fighting without rules, playing basketball. In games of military subjects, as you can choose the direction of the plot - you're allies or warring parties. Cover the back of a friend who went out to explore, and remember that on your accuracy and exposure affects their lives and win the whole. And if you do decide to explore the bullets of the enemy situation, to know what each covers your rear is always nice. If the boys prefer the military and sport theme, the girls can arrange competitions or shopping on the catwalk fashion. Along the models, show them to the judges, that will expose you to their estimates and recognize the winner like the best combination of parts of clothing. But the game where you can compete on speed racing bikes or cars, girls are taken into consideration. In an effort to finish, avoid collisions with obstacles encountered on the way. Pits, bumps, rocks, puddles and tree branches will be frequent companions. Look carefully for the road that can suddenly turn sharply in the other direction. And if you do not use quite honest methods race, cutting the girlfriend at the turn, can significantly get ahead. True, it can also adjust the offense or you some dirty trick, but this is a completely unsportsmanlike. 2 player games on offer you hiking adventures of a boy and a girl Spark Water. Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the ancient temples, where passing the maze, you have to manage the main characters and come to each other's rescue. Where one gets lost, the two find a way out of difficult situations. During the game you will be able to discuss the options and find the passage right decisions. Only mutual will to win and going through all the levels. No less fascinating stories await you in games where you have to manage the Super Mario Brothers plumbers. Sponge Bob and his friends compete under water, and Smeshariki play volleyball. Tom and Jerry did not let up and continued their romp, building each other dirty tricks. Each of them periodically to prevail, but it is a temporary phenomenon and the role of change again. In addition to sports, the military and hilarious scenes with animated characters, you will find games for two, where you can play chess, checkers, backgammon, tic-tac-toe, battleship, bingo, cards and other games similar to them. Play with a partner in a computer game - it's fun, gamble, and there is always something to discuss later.

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