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Imagine that one day you will get a notice marked "by hand", print it with trembling hands and try to read the line, bouncing in front of the eyes of excitement. Yes, yes, yes, you're right, you have become the owner of a luxurious mansion with a beautiful, large garden! Your joy is no limit and you urgently to collect things, buy a plane ticket and hurry to enter into the domain of the new housing. But, coming to the place - oh my God, what a disappointment! It turns out that over the years the estate and gardens have come to such a desolation that work to no end. And the money for something to bring back home and garden old majestic look leaves a lot. But the point is that money is not present. Well, have to roll up your sleeves and develop a plan of action. After all, Austin Butler look to you to high expectations, and in your best interest to revive the family estate, then to be proud of him. Marvelous garden to play online just gives you that opportunity. Demonstrate to others not only their design skills, but also entrepreneurial flair. To equip a house and garden properly, you have to clean up the junk that has accumulated over the years in numerous rooms. This part of the game looks like a "hidden object". You have to look out for and look for items that are already out of goods, or those that may be of some value as an antique. Your neighbors do not mind to buy some of them and you will be able to sell them, helping out the money for repairs and the purchase of new, necessary things. Next to the game board you will see that they want to buy from you neighbors and all the money they are offering for a particular item. Sometimes, after searching a room, you will have to return to it a few more times - for a time to disassemble the rubble quite tedious and inefficient. To play was not as grueling and monotonous, the game provides different clues. For example, if you find a camera in the room by clicking on it on a white background you will see the flash illuminated the one item that you have been unable to find. Other items when you hover the mouse over them will vibrate slightly, and the thermometer will tell you how close you are getting to the desired object - "cold" or already "hot". Do not ignore the single coins that are scattered throughout the house. Selecting them, you fill up the coffers. In this case, even a small amount will be very helpful. Having saved enough money, you can gradually acquire new accessories to create the garden of your dreams. Only you will decide how it should look. However, at first, will give you only the cheapest items, but eventually you will be able to save enough money to buy more elegant and expensive things, and selling previously purchased, you can return the money spent on them, which is also a sign of good housekeeping skills. Subjects to harmoniously with each other, they should be designed in one style. Although, this is just an innocent advice, because you full mistress of the garden and only you can decide how to combine objects and jewelery. In the store you will see quite a wide range of accessories in different shapes. Fountains, benches, lights, arches, trees, cover for tracks, swimming pools - all this and more you will see in the range. Baroque, rococo, eastern, glamor, classic, high-tech - this is not a complete list of guidelines that can be applied to your garden, if you are in a wonderful garden to play online.

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Wonderful garden games free online

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