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"Smeshariki" - the Russian children's animated series, filmed in the project "A world without violence." The story of the round creatures - Smeshariki who live in an unreal world, and each of them has a unique personal character, but none of them (except for clone Losyash) is not a negative character. Each episode tells the story of a urgent problem to resolve that can only be together and always without violence. It's the story, and prepares the child for situations that can expect it to real life. Despite the simplicity of the plot, the animated series is a deep philosophical thought. Main characters can be divided into two age categories: children - Croche, Hedgehog, Barash, Nyusha and adults - Kopatych, Kar-Karych, Pina, Losyash, Sovunya. In December, 2011 in 3D on screens out full-length animated version of "Smeshariki. Home, "which refers to the familiarity of the main characters from the larger world. One day, watching TV series about the struggle with the wicked, Smeshariki thought it was really going on and rushed to the aid of a super hero Lucien (as in a film called Kopytycha). Once in the big world, they find themselves in police quarantined. Further developments are fast and unpredictable, but in the end they are safely returned to his home. Beginning in 2005 and 2012, left a large number of computer games. Smeshariki games still inherent in the serial learning topics, and has created an army of admirers. Among the games on Smeshariki, you will find games where you have to solve math problems, look for the same items and choose from the list of extras. In gaming mode, children can easily acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, or just get great pleasure from communicating with their favorite characters. Playing games Smeshariki free from our portal, you can easily find a lot of different stories that will interest your child. Choosing a game where you have to show skill, children will develop these qualities, along with Smeshariki. Play volleyball, soccer, dance or take part in athletics - here and sports passion and dexterity of movement, and the ability to not only be honest to win, but lose with honor. And for those who do not know all the rules of the Olympic Games, our heroes have written a book in which these rules are described in great detail. Another great game where you have to collect your favorite Smeshariki, and then in a cloud around it, you can write a greeting and send it to a friend by e-mail as a postcard. Oh, how nice it would be! Smeshariki online games - it is also a play on the speed and accuracy. The main characters will compete in shooting accuracy in the subjects, and to drive the machines. They will build a factory to produce bubbles and paint hives. Smeshariki games for girls offered to play tag or jump on a trampoline, demonstrating mastery of stunts. It seems that Nyusha this is a good judge. And there Croche runs away from the Iron Nanny, and which wants to catch and zanyanchit it. Your task is not to fall into the hands of a nurse. Alternatively you can set the record for flying on the pot of the night sky. But decided to dress up a beautiful Nyusha. You have to remember how she dressed down, and then found in her wardrobe essentials. With ears crumble you can fly and collect hearts. In another game, you have to collect the biggest bouquet. When you see the small flowers, attach them to her, but if faced with a bouquet that is more your game is over. Join us soon and you can play free games Smeshariki.

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