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Gold has always stirred the minds of men, because it opens the way for the enrichment and well-fed, comfortable life. Even alchemists, risking the fires please inquisitors sought formula philosopher's stone, which, according to legend, can turn any metal into gold, and the head becomes desperate miners and develop gold mines, gold falling ill with fever. This golden disease began in the late seventeenth century, but received widespread in the mid-nineteenth century and the outbreak and still occasionally burn. The most famous and mass called the California gold rush of 1849, the Australian in 1851, the South African in 1886, Klondike in 1896 and Alaska in 1898. People flocked en masse to the new location of the gold mine, bought the land, it broke camp sites and vigilantly guarding their territory against encroachment of neighbors. Many parted with their life because of a handful of the yellow metal, but some, though, it was possible to get rich. Gold miners mostly were people who lost their ancestral capital, or the poor, who by any means trying to get out of poverty. Since work on the gold areas are, mostly poor, they could not afford the expensive equipment that would facilitate and greatly accelerated the work. Most were picks, shovels and wheelbarrows crudely nailed together to transport sifted soil. Sieved as his rather primitive way in the creek with the tray. Now become a free prospector is not easy. Not because the fields are not left free, so that every state now has a law that any attempt unauthorized mining of precious stones and metals align felony punishable by imprisonment. Some of it does not stop, and they become "black miners," acting at their own risk. We suggest you start gold production perfectly legal way, playing online games gold digger. It offers all methods of production - picks, shovels, dynamite, fishing rods, nets, submarines and other weapons and equipment. As one of the miners, you will catch the gold bullion in the most unexpected places. If you're already in the rocks all fished out, then take the bait, or go down to the sea floor and collect jewelry. Not difficult to guess how they got there - many of the ships carrying chests of precious cargo crashed during a storm. Ships sink, chests sink to the sea floor and break, covering it with sparkling gold bars, coins, vases and other items. Many caves hide not only the raw gold, but gold things. Do not ask how they got there. Perhaps this chieftain and his forty thieves hid the loot. Surely no one knows, and what extra information to bother with. Main goal of the game online gold digger - get more gold, which will bring you points and make it possible to move to the next level, full of precious metal restraints. If you're a gambling man and ransacked the whole garden grandmother in the hope of finding a treasure, then not nervous old lady. The treasure, if there ever was, for a long time already found someone else. Think about it - my grandmother in this garden planting potatoes in a lifetime, which means digging up the ground and down. Did not she would share with loved grandchildren? It is better to play games gold digger. In them you dobudete gold for sure.

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