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Exciting games from the category of Gravity reduced to the fact that it is necessary to make certain the projectile to get from one point to another. To do this, so he rolled, flew, and was moving, but eventually got to the destination. Despite the relatively simple task, playing Gravity is not easy. In the same game is a problem - the mouse to draw the figure so as to help the ball get to the end of the level. On your way to meet a variety of obstacles that complicate passage of a game. However, you can not give up, because it is better to try hard to get through this exciting game. It should draw quite a variety of shapes and lines, so that the ball was heading in the right direction. Figures may apply, they can push the ball, and they can be used to build bridges and things like that. Gravity would not make bored. On our site you can play this wonderful game. You will not regret the time spent! The essence of the other game called Gravity comes down to what you need to run the ball on one planet, and make sure that he got into the gate of another planet. On the maximum complexity you can only use the weight of these planets. As a result, you need to calculate the optimal trajectory and the force of gravity to accomplish a task and achieve results. Of course, not necessarily to do the calculations, because you can run a shell at random, or you can use your intuition, if you have a well developed! In fact, the task of guessing the correct path are quite capable of every one of you. As you can see, this version of the game is similar to the first, but here is more developed plot. These games can be appreciated as a smaller number of runs, but you can play like golf, that is, run a shell, waiting for it to land at the new location, then run again, and so on. Of course, go right on target the first time, almost impossible, especially in hard mode. However, in the simple mode, you prompt the behavior of the ball the dotted line, which will facilitate the achievement of results. But the maximum points can be obtained only at the highest level of complexity. Appreciate all the positive qualities of the game Gravity you can on this page of our website. You can play games absolutely free of Gravity, in this case, without downloading additional software, without having to send sms, and without making any serious action. You only need to go to a page with the game, click on "play" and enjoy the fun gameplay!

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