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The ability to play a musical instrument requires knowledge of musical notation, musical ear and talent. To master the piano, cello, harp and other instruments is not easy. Only the guitar can be called a national instrument, possession of which is quite accessible even to those who did not finish the ten-year musical, and not go to the special, music courses or circle. In the company there is always at least one person who knows how to play the guitar, and learned the art on their own without any help. These people immediately attract attention and gather around people. The guitar has always been a faithful companion of tourists and entertain friends at a campfire or at a halt. Under it easy to sing, the lyrics reflect many life situations. Guitar easily be sad or laugh, think about his or global, empathize or approved by the forces. Guitar can cry romances or let your feet to dance gypsy motifs. Bard songs reflect life so vividly that it seems the words copied from his own thoughts. The guitar is so versatile that there is no direction in music, in which she did not participate. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy it, because this tool is very expensive. If the current situation does not give you the opportunity to make a purchase, then a virtual guitar allows you to play online with different kinds of video games. We will not assert that the virtual is not different from the present, but as a training simulator, it fits very well. Of course, you can not feel your fingers too much string, but you can learn ways, learn to play chords and melodies. And when you have a real instrument, it will be much easier to get used to a new style of performance. In the beginning, when there is no experience, no skills, the learning process can seem complicated. But remember, once you know how to walk, talk, and even to walk to the potty. But you learn all this? So, nothing is impossible. You just have to make the effort and do it. Even virtuoso musicians once could boast of nothing, and now they are enjoying the game the crowd of fans. To make it easier to start learning the basics of the game has several levels of difficulty. No need to storm the top, start with a simple level, and it will be much easier in the future. Showing persistence and patience, you will be surprised how soon will perform songs of famous artists. These tunes, recorded with the game, and with training tips, you will repeat them all the strings too much as long until you can play the melody yourself. But above all, you will learn how to turn a computer keyboard in the guitar strings. Then will perform simple tasks, memorizing the keys corresponding to the strings. Then, combining the key will be creating sounds tune that should soon begin to sound solid and natural. Virtual guitar, play online we offer you will become a springboard into the world of music. Soon you will be able to perform country, blues, rock'n'roll, flamenco, jazz and other music styles. You will have access to all types and classes of guitars: acoustic, electric guitar, bass guitar. They may be an independent unit or in conjunction with other musical instruments, making a single ensemble. In addition to teaching guitar games, you can just play fun games, where the guitar is actively involved.

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