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Not a single fan of turn-based strategy that has never played in the game Heroes of Might & Magic (Heroes of Might & Magic). Heroes is the first game released in 1995 by publisher New World Computing for MS-DOS, and later there was a version for Windows 95. In Russia, the game officially became localized in 2003 the company Buka. In the spring of 2006, the Russian company Nival Interactive led the French Ubisoft Entertainment, which owns the series Heroes, a series of Heroes of Might & Magic (5Heroes of Might & Magic V). Many gameplay elements taken from previous versions. For example, of the fourth part of copied the idea of ​​systems and skills. And here is an absolute novelty, can be called a volume graphics. What other innovations can be seen starting to play heroes 5? Added the function of quick game that allows the player to limit the number of moves and thus accelerate the process of the game. Also appeared simultaneous moves, and players can operate simultaneously, and with the involvement of the limit switch button, you can put the game in a waiting mode, and wait for the rest of the players will graduate its actions. The subsequent course is available if all participants use the button end of turn. The ability to apply simultaneous steps available only until such time as the impact players in certain areas do not overlap. In the game there are additional modes: "Duel" as well as "duel 3x3". The player can of twenty-four characters, each of which has its own characteristics, and the army has artifacts, choose one, and fight with other characters, which is controlled by a real person or a computer. This happens in the "duel." Accordingly, "a duel 3x3" lets you choose the right three characters, but the battle will be the only one, and in case of defeat on the battlefield will be released next. As before, you will build cities and buildings, recruit troops and develop. You can create a mixed army, but to manage them is problematic, because they have different options and skills. There is also a function avtoboya, but the real strategy is unlikely to resort to it. After all, to win based on their strategic thinking is much more pleasant. At the bottom of the strip can be seen fighting, which displays the sequence of actions. This is good panel, because you can develop a strategy for their actions, and to prevent unnecessary casualties. During some battles, the camera closer fight and give the player to enjoy the spectacle up close. In addition to the colorful graphics and great voice is present, which is expressed both in the background music and sound effects in a unique - you can just by the sound to determine who struck the next blow. Play five heroes love and boys and men. One has only to look at the path of transformation from the first to the last version, and it becomes clear that such a transformation is unlikely to happen if the game was not the fans. This is not just a fight - it's a strategy game that requires the player to attention to detail and careful planning. The game is quite a lot of options, units, buildings, magic, skills, jobs, and other constituents. To master all the difficulties and learn about all the nuances, the player will take time, but as it all goes at once, but the course of events, the player will gradually learn about new opportunities. Control of the game is very simple, and if you have never played in Heroes, will quickly get used to it.

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