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For whom is no longer news that the speed after the screens of the new hit movie or cartoon appeared a lot of online games based on these adaptations. And if for some reason, the creation of online games will be late - fans will just furious! No exception-length animated film "Ice Age." The last part of it was released in 2009 and immediately after its release was followed by a series of games. The most popular games in the series are the games ice age 3. It was established in 2009 and was named "Dawn." The game's plot is not always the intersection with the cartoon story, but for gamers it is not so important. Grab an ice age 3 games that they abound in many amusing notions, complete analogy with the characters of the game's characters cartoon. Children and not only for children great pleasure to interact with their favorite characters: Manny and Ellie the mammoths, saber-toothed Diego, Sid the sloth. A crazy squirrel and acorn Skrat just become global brands. Very often, children are beginning to play in the Ice Age 3 just for the sake of this extraordinary character. Despite the dissimilarity of plots, the developers managed to preserve the character, demeanor and external similarity of the main characters, which certainly increased the popularity of the game Ice Age online. The intrigue of the game is the following: friends, going to search for the missing Cid, into a mysterious world of plants, hidden in thick ice. There they encounter dinosaurs and their enemy - weasel Buck. What are the only dangers and adventures await no lifeguards at this unimaginable and wild world: the evil predatory dinosaurs, carnivorous trees, jungle and more. The game is quite extensive. It has many levels of varying difficulty. There are levels of training, tips and bonuses, various options. The game has a bright new design, lively music and convenient operation. Ice Age 2 games were created in 2009 and became known as "Global Warming." As the name suggests, the glaciers began to melt and suddenly the whole valley threatens to turn into the ocean floor. The heroes must immediately lam. But it is not so easy to do - there are many obstacles. To get out of the water prison, friends need to constantly develop water transport modes. "Global warming" has broken all records for the number of extreme water rides.

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