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Studio Pixar in 2004, released in theaters animated film made using computer technology. In the movie "The Incredibles" tells the story of a family, all of whom are super heroes. The script was invented Brad Bird, who is also the director of "The Simpsons" and "Iron Giant", which already speaks for itself, and the audience is not disappointed to see his work in a new and familiar humor dynamics of events. The main character - Mr. Exclusive prevent bank robberies, train accidents and stop suicides. However, there comes a time when they began to appear dissatisfied citizens saved and called only to the court. Not continue and could, thinking that no one needs his services, super hero decided to change his profession to a more relaxed and away from the heroic deeds. Now he's a married man, and his wife, elastic, too, was the former supermenshey, bore him a unique children who have super powers. Since then, as an exceptional settled down, was 15-years old. He works as a clerk, and now his name is Bob Parr and his wife Helen. Calm and good fortune defeated Bob and his life settled green boredom. Somehow to unwind, he returned to his former trade, and quietly from his wife, was to save individuals. The scandal led to the work that Bob lost his job, but then out of the blue, he received a message stating that his super heroic abilities needed now. A company invited him to work on a one-time test of the new model robots. Exceptional successfully dealing, destroying the robot. This leads to the fact that he was entrusted the new job. But he continues to hide from his family, returned to his former life. Secret always come true, and his wife began to suspect a change in her husband. Women's intuition did not fail her, and just in time, because Mr. Exceptional appeared worst enemy - Buddy. Even as a boy, Buddy admired Mister exceptional and asked to be his mentor. Being rejected it, being vindictive, harbored resentment, and now that the exceptional back to my old life, looking for an opportunity to get even with him. Buddy long cherished plan of revenge, and he certainly would have received make it a reality. However, he did not realize that The Incredibles very friendly and does not leave each other in trouble. Now that they are all alongside confront troubles, and their super abilities complement each other, they are not afraid of any enemies. This cheerful and vibrant animated film was the basis for creating online games The Incredibles, where the story on crime and personal enemies continues. Winning robot demonstrates exceptional skill Mr. apply precise, devastating blows. "The Incredibles - The Incredibles", invites you to choose a character and control it all the way, which will run on the roofs of apartment buildings. Jumping, running and swift dexterity will ensure your success during the collision with obstacles. Do not forget the bonus items that will meet all the way - they are very useful. Coloring you can return images of faceless their palette of colors. Having shown his talent illustrator, you will become one of the artists who worked on the image of the hero Incredibles. Spot Games offer you find on the field the same pictures and remove them. Now they are hidden, but if you click on each, they turn to face. Remembering their exact location, you can easily cope with the task.

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Free online game The Incredibles

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