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Speaking of intellectual games, remember the ones we are used to from childhood: Tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess, word game, crossword puzzles, battleships also belong to this category. This is the set that is familiar to everyone from personal experience. Over time, there are additional opportunities to show his erudition. So, born on television game "Experts" and "Field of Dreams", gathered near her viewers who tried to guess the word or set before the studio participants. A little later, captured the attention of intellectuals new games who brought in their leisure variety. These games include puzzles, mahjong, backgammon, Tetris, and if we talk about computer versions, the range extends to all sorts of variations of ball games, exploring and distinctions, quest games, and many others. People who prefer the same type of senseless act unleashing challenges or simply relax with the use, choose any site is heading to the mind games. Knowing that such passion has recently become widespread, we took care to fill our site the most exciting of the intellectual games. Everyone who wants to escape from work and relax with the immediate benefit will be able to find the game, which gives him the most pleasure. Chess fans will be delighted by the variations of the doubles. From the standard classical pieces on the board, you will see the other, more innovative versions. Though the rules of the game to keep the unique, view their ranges in the most daring proposals. Diners will enjoy three-dimensional chess, made an animation, realistic colorful graphics with special effects and additional mini games. Mind games online, this is an additional opportunity to practice brain in an entertaining way. They focus attention and activity of a person's thoughts, not letting him relax. Many paper versions of intellectual games moved on computer monitors, and now you hassle can play a familiar game online, selecting a computer opponent or a live person at any point of the globe. Playing "O Lucky Man" is also available to fans of the TV version. The gameplay is similar to the sequence and rules as in the TV. Responding to questions, make money, ask the help of the hall, a friend, or select to fifty-fifty. "Field of Dreams" is also not far behind, and you'll turn a virtual drum and guessing letters. Tetris, passing mazes, games, balls line search of objects - all this relates to intellectual games. If you love to overcome difficulties by inference, if you think that in any case requires its own tactics, if convinced that before you do, I wonder, that means you're in the right column. Actually list all the games that are intellectual rather difficult. Wherever there is a need for something to believe or act logically, all of these games belong to the specified category. This may be the game to drag blocks to put them into place, or vice versa withdraw from the enclosed space. This, too, can be a game of memory, where the player has to memorize the order of things, and then find them. Or go all the way on the mined field, find a safe way, but the process is somewhat similar to the passage of the maze. Enough transfers. Mind games of our website are waiting for you!

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