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Superheroes comics can be positive or negative character. According to the law of genre, positive necessarily win, but they would have to overcome many obstacles. Dangerous situation - it is their element, and therefore it is not surprising that another hero emerged victorious from the battle with the anti-hero. Typically, super heroes are a result of some disasters or dangerous experiments and our present character - Iron Man is no exception. Sci-fi action film "Iron Man" was released on blue screens in 2008. Its original name - «Iron Man», and in the story of the heroic exploits of said comic book characters Marvel. The theme of the story lies the story of the brilliant inventor who invented the high-tech weapons. This invention is not brought happiness to its creator, but instead became the main cause of severe injuries. Its taken prisoner and put one of the conditions for survival, creating weapons for terrorists. At this point in his body instead of the human heart has already been introduced battery solenoid. But even in this seemingly hopeless situation, the inventor was able to exploit the situation to their advantage. Having the ability to use the lab, our hero creates a first armor of iron, and is replaced by a more powerful electromagnet reactor. These devices help him escape from prison. After a time, it will create a more advanced armor of an alloy of gold and titanium, which is almost impossible to break. So, Iron Man was born. Iron Man games online will give you the opportunity to feel part of the heroic world and learn what it is - to save the world from evil. You wait evil plans spiteful critics and fight with them. The destiny of mankind is now in your hands, and controlling Iron Man, you will be able to confront the whole enemy legions. His arsenal is different weapons that will help counter the enemy, as well as super power - the ability to fly, laser beams, shooting with the search targets and homing, and other tools to fight. Antiheroes love to hide in the upper atmosphere. Patrol the blue sky and to look in deep space, because that is where the greatest danger lurks for humanity. Burn the enemy vehicles powerful laser and avoid return fire, because the enemy has not be silent and deadly beam can harm the course of your operation. Iron Man game - it's a game about fighting evil, where kindness is against violence and fighting for the triumph of justice, while wielding an iron fist. In this case, the violence justified the common good. Despite the fact that breast Iron Man has no heart, but instead, the mechanism works, created by the force of reason, that hero more human than many of the human race from the blood and flesh. Alone fight evil difficult. That's why Iron Man would come to help, and other comic book heroes Marvel. Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and other characters will not go away when the earth is going on so many troubles. Destroying the enemy, you will increase your account by scores and confident approach to victory, but only the speed, agility, precision and courage to make it real. And to relax after a hard battle, the puzzle with Iron Man, paint, open identical pictures and find hidden items on its background.

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