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Children who have a little sister or brother do not tell what the concern about the kid. From an early age, they help her mother in the upbringing and care of the little fellow, but because all the hardships and privations had to experience for yourself. So you want to play in the street with my friends and jump in the gum, ride a bike, play ball, badminton or just pick flowers and weave them into a wreath. But, my mom needs help, and you have to sacrifice their own time to help her. But when Junior grows up, he could become better than any other, because the native people will always come to the rescue and help out in the most difficult situation. Another thing, when it is necessary not to look for a baby for a whole kindergarten. Do kids at different times occur "baby surprise" - one wants to drink, the other suddenly spoiled diaper purity, another hungry and wanted to play or dropped pacifier. Games for girls kindergarten - it's a great simulator to test themselves on the strength of nerves and calling to work with children. It is no secret that many of the current workers in children's areas came there not by vocation and there are random people. But now, something hard to fix, even if realized his mistake. Received education binds to a specific job and puts his own terms. Thus, we have the misfortune to watch incompetent teachers, pediatricians, nurses and kindergarten teachers. It seemed to them that there is nothing easier than to work with children, but eventually realized that it is very wrong with the choice of a profession. To be a good example for the younger generation, give them joy, care, health and education, not enough of diploma - must love their children with all my heart and empathize with them. Today, the game can become a nursery for the baby that is the starting point, which will tell him whether he was ready to choose a profession and whether to devote his life to the care of children. Change diaper baby brother is one - he will grow once the need for it will disappear. It's quite another when it will have to engage life. It is this and much more you have to do in the games of the kindergarten. First, the player will have the opportunity to give their care to only one chubby little boy. But before you start playing, you will pass a training course. Following the arrows, you'll learn what actions you need to do to meet the needs of the child and, soon, will take the reins of the game entirely in their own hands. When you learn to cope with a baby, you will plant another, and soon you will be an army of them. Those who already know how to crawl, will sprawl out and you have to make sure they do not hurt yourself. Playing the role of the mother of triplets, you will learn about all the virtues of a large family. Taking care of their own children - it is always a joy, even though a lot of worries. In the role of nanny private kindergarten, in order to strengthen their business, will have time to improve their children's garden, buying new furniture, toys and other things. As soon as your income will grow, you will have additional opportunities for acquisitions. But to get you paid, you have to treat children with warmth and love. They must be clean, fed, filled and fun. Only in this case you will entrust the child to the next time and pay for his care. Games kindergarten wake in girls love for children, a sense of responsibility and necessity. Care - this is a very important task, which is on the shoulder is not for everyone.

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