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Sometimes life throws up surprises and rotated so that predictable, it would seem, fate suddenly surprised as others, and the owner of the unexpected twists of karma. Measured and steady flow of being violated when there appear random unexpected character. That is what happened to the hero, which now will be discussed. Plump and clumsy panda bear, whom everyone knew by the name, was engaged in his life that cooked and served noodles. By fate once he was in the palace - the school, where he taught Kung Fu and trained real warriors. And he was there at the time when there was a choice for the title of the Warrior Dragon. Next surprise that it was difficult to predict is that it is on, and fell on this choice. Master saw that it was in an awkward pow, hard to say, but because he is the master, that his eyes stoned to identify hidden talents and potential. Practiced a lot on, and eventually meet the expectations of Masters, becoming the formidable warrior kung fu. The game's plot confit Panda have been able to assess the players who met her before. Those who have yet to plan, will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of graphics and volume level of gameplay. Gamers which laid the basis for martial arts will not be disappointed with this arcade. Moving between locations, the player will face the need not only to fight the enemy and use live instruments, but also the opportunity to solve the task and run mazes. But the fight, of course, will be the main theme of the game, and will remind acrobatics aerobatics. The gameplay online Panda confit give you a good mood, because the game is full of funny scenes. Kind, gentle and justice can not look calmly at the injustice that is going on around them. Teacher of Kung Fu at Poe was a great magician, and if we learn to move fat almost lightning speed. And it does not matter that his movements, though fast, but very clumsy - the main outcome. Broken dishes, overturned tables and chairs, ottoptannye feet - is not in the bill, if the offender is punished and justice is restored. Of interesting product always expect to continue. Movie Rating and games led to the creation to continue, and the game Kung Fu Panda 2 again please its fans with new stories and adventures. Do not let us down and specifications. Special effects and graphics continue to please the eye, and voice to create a mood. Do not miss the attention and flash games that panda, his friends and enemies continue to compete. In these versions of the game you will continue to sharpen their skills in the styles of fighting the dragon, monkey or a tiger. This will help you get the game points to pass the level and the game in general. Sometimes, your task is to collect as many items. But do not think that to do this is very simple. Objects are at different levels, and to reach them, it is necessary to make a truly daring jumps and somersaults. Fall - will have to start again. Try to justify the high confidence in your teacher, and to prove that the title of Dragon Warrior get you on the right. Collect lanterns or coins, jump over dangerous areas, a ride on the map with the fireworks, show your skill to earn enough bonus. Playing in such outdoor games on our game portal, you are guaranteed a great mood, cheerfulness and pleasant experience. If desired, a break from the intense game, fold panda of puzzles.

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