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Cartoons, where the main characters are the vehicles became popular after the screens show "Transformers." It was in the early 90's. "Transformers" has become a cult cartoon of a generation. This colorful cartoon characters, have their own characters, in short animations. Now living back in style car - Lightning Makvin. The success of this cartoon - the secret behind lock and key. There is not a dynamic plot, no distinctive characters, what abounded in "Transformers." But would still like for this generation of boys Lightning Makvin means much more than Optimus Prime. After the screens "Transformers" started appearing games based on the animated series. But, strangely enough, the popular they did not use. But Lightning Makvin games, according to statistics broken all records. The secret of popularity is still not known. Perhaps this is a touching personal charm of the protagonist - racing avtomobilchika Makvina. He has a very unusual "face" - the first time animators placed eyes on the windshield, but not in the usual place of headlights. As a result of this transformation was a very typewriter face is human. Online Games Lightning Makvin attracted by the fact that combine multiple game genres: racing, quests, quests, puzzles, and even dress up. Yes, that dress - in some versions of the game character to match the color and repaint. In addition, the games Lightning Makvin present fresh humor, which is an added plus. Of course, the main Lightning fans Makvin - children. They are happy to run your favorite cartoon character. Especially since the character in the game - an exact copy of the cartoon character. In general, the game design is an exact repetition multvarianta. What makes the game even more attractive to children. Lightning Makvin popularity is so great that even eclipsed unrivaled still great plumber Mario. Lightning Makvin became a kind of brand - it appears in games, puzzles, coloring books, puzzle platformer, in spite of the fact that the first game of this series were racing clean water. Raising hell can say with confidence: Lightning Makvin - bright game, as adopted cartoon koloristku. Lightning Makvin - game dynamic - still the main character - a race car. Lightning Makvin - good game, they are practically no elements of violence. Let your kids enjoy socializing with touching and agile speaking avtomobilchikov.

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Games Lightning Makvin free online

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