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While we can often observe the separation of video games by age and gender, in the vast resources available online gaming games you can play everything, no matter for these differences. These games are obschepolzovatelskim Lines 98 games online, play that can be in the presence of any means of communication with the network of World Wide Web. This game and the games that resemble it in its gameplay, refer to the genre of puzzle games, and are popular with people who are prone in their allegiances to the unraveling of complex tasks, solving puzzles, crosswords and logic problems. Despite the fact that the game looks pretty primitive, Lines not play you will find easy. The classic version of the game is a gray box, divided into squares of nine to nine. In the field of randomly placed colored balls, and your task is to move them to the cells so that they form a continuous line from one color to five or more items. When the balls are lined up, they disappear from the field, freeing up space for new ones. Making the next move, you will notice that the field is automatically added to the new balls. Sometimes they are arranged in such a way that prevent you from taking the next step, is blocking a free corridors for movement. This greatly complicates the problem, so you need to make as little as possible moves, and those that are making should be the most effective. After disappearing from the field level was built, the new balls are added and you can consider further tactics. Playing online is very interesting line. Before becoming a true professional, you spend the game is not a free one hour. It is able to inspire so much that you will forget about time, and points earned will show you the success you have committed actions. To build a full line of identical balls, click on the selected computer mouse ball and then the cell where it should stand. In the game you are free to choose the difficulty level by pressing the «Mode». If you have made the course led to an undesirable location appeared balls that blocked access to follow-up, using the button «Undo», you can go back in time prior to the last step. If you only know the full charm of the game balls and the line is not entirely comfortable with its management, which led to a desperate situation, then the button «Reset» reset all the ins and clear the field, returning to the beginning of the game. Thus, you can start the game again an infinite number of times, gaining experience and getting ready for a serious game performance. As you can see the tips at the top of the screen, the balls that the following will appear on your playing field. This will help to think about daily progress and build the line. On the basis of this game created a wide variety of other versions that echo the essence and purpose of its progenitor. This goal is to destroy all the balls on the field and set the maximum number of points in the process of passing a level. The lines of balls with different kinds of games provide the player can choose one or another version of the game play that best suits his taste preferences. Sometimes you'll see on the field are not balls, but a completely different shape, but it will not affect the core mission, but will add zest and variety of subjects. Players of all ages will be able to play this wonderful game and make sure its fascination.

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