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If your collection is dominated by computer games logic games for the passage of which requires analytical skills and ability to apply tactics, then play balls online at our site you will be pleasantly surprised. Balls - is one of the many puzzle games, where you can showcase your skills, knowledge and skills. This game will suit everyone. Children, adults, men, women can play in this universal puzzle game online. There are no restrictions on the kind of person or place of residence. If you have an Internet connection and a means of communication with him, in front of you there are no barriers to ball games to play online. While at work in the office, will be a nice little distraction from work and send a thought in a different direction, which will rest for a few minutes and then return to the main duties. During the trip, or on the way to the university, school, work, summer house or meeting with friends, playing marbles will brighten up your journey on public transport, and even cut it in half. After the game, so passionate, that the time it flies. Game balls can be represented in different ways, but its essence remains unchanged - you have to remove from the playing field all the balls. It is this diversity will allow you to play every day in the new game and find those options, which will fall more to your liking. In some games, to remove a group of balls the same color, you can simply click the mouse on them and they disappear. Another option offers a field lined with a cell with three balls of different colors in a chaotic arrangement. Your job does not change - you need to build a chain of horizontal, vertical line or a line diagonally. Select the desired balloon by clicking on it with the mouse and then select an empty cell, to which he must be near the ball of the same color. If the front of the selected ball there is no obstacle, it moves to the specified location. Having built up, so a few balls in a row, the chain disappears. While you will build a line on the field at this point will be randomly be new balls that will create obstacles in your way. To them it was too much, and the game is not over yet, choose one course of thought. This is very exciting, especially because we can play ball for free. Another interesting version of the game, which is observed in different games with different storylines - is shooting colored balls in the group is located at the top of the playing field. Every time you have to shoot the ball will appear different from the previous color. Aim the gun to them as to where the balls are grouped similar. A direct hit would lead to their extinction, but a bad shot will cause the ball will stick to his group does not and will create an unnecessary obstacle to the next. If you do not have to shoot balls of the color you want, you can stick a shooting in the most suitable place, or release into the empty space. As you will see a prompt at the bottom of the color of the ball, which will shoot next. This will give you the opportunity to plan your shots. During the game you can earn bonuses that will be useful to you to destroy the chains, and other difficult situations. Online Game balls won in its ranks, has an army of fans. Join us and you to them. Games in the balls - a great way to spend time usefully, coaching logical thinking, skill and ability to plan and anticipate. If you have not found your favorite version of the game, you can do it with us.

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