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Mermaids - are characters of many mythologies, and the mention of them can be found among the peoples of different countries, but they are especially prevalent in Russian folklore, where mermaids are called bathing, crackers, loskotuhami, vodyanitsami and other nicknames. Sailors and residents of coastal communities believe that these creatures are able to cast a spell, tickle and drag people to the bottom. Among people even went stories that were passed from mouth to mouth on mine, which is caused by recessed mermaids. And, to tell these stories in detail, as if the narrator himself witnessed the accident. But it is especially dangerous to approach the water at the Midsummer holiday, because it was thought that all the evil and the other mystical force at this time is particularly active right up to the point that even the trees and grass were talking to each other. But long gone are the days when people believed in the supernatural, and now the little mermaid seemed to us rather nice, kind and romantic heroines, which is reflected in cartoons, movies and computer games. Mermaid games offer you a large variety of subjects involving these mysterious girls in the lead role. You all know Ariel - The Little Mermaid with flaming red hair who won the heart of Prince and for the love of him overcome many obstacles, including the machinations of an evil witch. After viewing the wonderful cartoon about this girl, you can play computer games, where Ariel would be happy to try on beautiful dresses, change hairstyles and use makeup. Coloring games and puzzles also worthy of attention as the pictures depicted familiar scenes from the movie. In the quest game "Adventures of the little mermaid and her friends" with the mermaid and her friends you will dive into the magical realm of the underwater world and visit even the most secret of his place. Learn many secrets and get to know the inhabitants of the underwater depths. You will find a common language with turtles, sea horses, stingrays, crabs and starfish. Help them in difficult times, and they will respond in kind. Solving puzzles and search for items to be your job, the solution of which you move to the next level of play. Even Leila - one Winx Club, suddenly turned into a mermaid. But continuing to breathe air, it can not do without it for a long time under water. You will help her look for pink pearls, which have oxygen, but beware of predators that are floating around. All girls like games mermaid. They are attracted to that aura of mystery that surrounds these characters. They live in a fantasy world that is inaccessible to man, and of which we can judge or guess only fairy tales, scripts, movies and computer games. Youth Art TV series «H2O. Just Add Water ", released in 2010, also did his bit and opened for us the magic curtain. Girlfriend Rikki, Cleo and Emma are bathed in moonlight lake at the center of a volcano crater and turned into mermaids. Now, once they get wet, as they have a tail. On the theme of the series is also created computer version, and now you can play with the test to find out which of the three you're a mermaid. The game is quite easy - just answer the questions and wait for the end result. In another game you will control one of the mermaids of set nets and collect seashells. But your main task - to find in this labyrinth of his girlfriend, who is tangled in the nets, and release it. These and other games are waiting for your participation in underwater stories.

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