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Fascinating underwater kingdom dweller for a long time were very attractive to many people, and thousands of men believed in numerous legends and dreams meet the sea mermaids. Of course, it is unlikely anyone could, but in the virtual space can be found playing the little mermaid Ariel, which allow you to plunge into the mysterious worlds of real mermaids. These worlds can tell us a lot of interesting stories. Marine beautiful mermaid has long been the heroines of many tales and legends. However, they have become very popular after the release of the Disney animated film called The Little Mermaid. Millions of people he liked, and after its release a few years suggested the continuation of the cartoon, but it was a cartoon series "The Little Mermaid." At the dawn of online games were invented Ariel the little mermaid games, which are popular to this day. People love to play as a copy of the online gaming consoles Dandy Little Mermaid, as well as new games that have been developed recently. It is worth mentioning that the princess of the underwater world of Ariel is the daughter of Triton - a stern emperor of the seas and oceans. Ariel fell in love with the prince of the Earth, and it is unclear if it will have the love of man and the sea maiden who is half man, half fish. Those people who already enjoy this wonderful creation from the animated Disney knows that all this is possible if you have a great desire! You can also see this if you play in multiple games of mermaid Ariel, which is one of the most popular and beautiful princesses of Disney! Of course, not always about the little mermaid games on our website will be linked to the scene of animated film. In some cases, these games are adventure games, where the Sea mermaid travels the world, collecting various supplies, fighting with the enemy, and is looking for a way home. Some games - it's just paint where you want to paint the mermaid in color. If the first game like everyone, it's basically just coloring the smallest. But in any case, you will enjoy playing with the kind and romantic mermaid, which is ready to do anything to meet my love! In addition, playing these games, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world, which has always been a mysterious and attractive. Here you can find many beautiful fish and sea shells! With some of these fish friendly little mermaid Ariel, and from some of the fish have to defend it.

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