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I guess every once in his life heard about the cartoon "Madagascar", and most watched and loved it. This is one of the most beloved animated films not only children but also many adults. Everyone loved the four friends who lived in a zoo in New York, but eventually decided to run away from it. The main characters - Alex the lion is a narcissist who yearns to know what life outside the fence, funny Marty the Zebra, Gloria gippopotamiha falls in love easily and frequently fall ill Melman the giraffe who likes to assign all the ills. In the cartoon we saw their adventures, after escaping from the zoo, after the shipwreck, when friends were in Madagascar, an exotic island where they have to say goodbye to the habits of the zoo and to fight for survival in such an unusual habitat for them. Now you can participate in their adventures, because there are Madagascar Games in which you can play on our site. An animated film has received many film awards, recognition of critics and audiences love, so if you have not seen this wonderful cartoon, it appeared an excellent opportunity to put all things in the house and the whole family to see this beautiful sight, and then take up the game of Madagascar 4. The first part of the cartoon was so popular that the studio DreamWorks Animation has decided to establish the second part, which has successfully entered in the rental in 2008 and brought to the creators of over 600 million dollars. Of course, immediately went out and continue the games that you can also find and play Madagascar 2 on our website. By the way, sometimes a lot of interesting stories and high-quality flash games involving the main characters of the animated film Madagascar does not have anything in common to the events in the cartoon. The fact that the brightest and the main characters of storage just fine fall under the standard situation for many genres of flash games. Therefore, to play games online and in Madagascar can be adventures and quests, and searching for objects, and even coloring. Many small children just love to paint the main characters of their favorite animated film. Cartoon so popular that in 2012 he published his third of the new adventures of our favorite characters. People are happy to play games, Madagascar 3, despite the fact that the movie Madagascar 3 was released in the summer of 2012, because they are very fascinating and interesting. Also, play on our site is completely free! Good luck to you spending time with games of Madagascar!

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