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When in 80 years people are introduced to the wonderful game of Mario, this game almost instantly became popular, and soon appeared in almost all the cartridges to the cult NES console. Perhaps Mario - is the most popular hero in the history of computer games and consoles this character, and the Nintendo NES. Rather, each of us has ever played Mario games, and is familiar with its rules and the plot. Recall that this game is an rpg where we need to assist the pious boy Mario save the princess from the evil dragon's huge. It's not just because Mario is not a superhero with supernatural powers, but an ordinary plumber. For this reason, in the fairy kingdom located around Mario pipe. To date, playing Mario games online for free can be not only on the console, but also on our website. Cult game is an 8 layers, each of which is difficult to last. However, since it was about 200 additions and extensions with Mario in the title role. It is worth noting that the main villain of the game the dragon to sleep kingdom cloned geese with a turtle, warriors, mushrooms, monkeys with hammers and other enemies, which would interfere with the main characters reach the princess. At each new stage, you are waiting for more and more dangerous enemies, and the game becomes more dynamic, and added new traps. But do not be discouraged, because the main character is and assistants. For example, in the magic kingdom is a mushroom that help you grow, to tread down the enemies and break the wall. There is also a magical flower that will allow the protagonist to shoot at enemies. At some stages must, among other things, to swim under water. There's even more dangerous than on land, because you were waiting for the dangerous fish. If you have not played this wonderful game, start as soon as possible to play Mario online for free. As we know, this is one of the most interesting and exciting games in history. It is no accident Mario game online every housewife knows that never in my life did not play in the Dandy. Will be especially interesting to play free Mario game for those who grew up in the 90s. This means that, most likely, your childhood was spent under the well-known tunes from the Mario games. Children who grew up in the 90s will be interesting to recall his childhood, because it is a classic game is bound to cause nostalgia. In addition to the main version of the game suggest that you play in other variations, which adds new levels, or other miscreants.

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