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What is the reality and does it exist? What if everything that we believe in this, but someone's violent fantasy, and we in her virtual characters who perform their role? Do you think it can not be because you all feel, see, hear and perform many actions that have consequences? Then remember the dreams that are so realistic that you feel every touch, smell, pain, joy or disappointment, sadness and tears, feeling the wind and running, falling, taste the apple in my mouth and so on. In the dream, you do not suspect that this is an illusion - you are quite sure that there's actually, and only when you wake up, realize they were asleep. So maybe we do not wake up and still never sleep or continue to see themselves Remove someone? These issues are visited and the Wachowski brothers, who are the director and screenwriter of the film "The Matrix", which was released on U.S. screens in the last day of March 1999 and became the basis for the subsequent trilogy of movies, anime, comics and video games. The film is based on the idea that in the future cars are out of human control and now they control the human race. They loaded people into artificial sleep and give them a matrix - a world of illusion of real life, and their electrical pulses are used as an energy source. By fate hacker named Neo, along with other people who also managed to escape from the world of dreams, becomes involved in the struggle against the hostile actions of machines. Of course, that such an intriguing topic could stay out of sight of the developers of computer products, and matrix games soon joined the ranks of sheterov. Published in 2003, a single-player game Enter the Matrix from developer Shiny Entertainment film follows the story matrix # Reboot and The Animatrix - a collection of short anime related to the theme of the film "The Matrix." The main characters are the Niobe and Ghost - secondary characters "Matrix # Reload." The player can choose any of the characters he would rule. In this case, each of them has its own line of games and, therefore, a set of skills and abilities. Only sometimes they overlap, but at this point the second hero will manage the computer intelligence. In the game you will see other familiar characters in the film, among them Morpheus and Neo. And all of them are like actors who perform these roles. Next game - The Matrix Online in the genre of MMORPG online from developer Monolith and publisher Sega / Warner Bros Interactive. In this virtual world, players will explore the four districts, traveling the back streets of a huge metropolis - Heath, International District, Slums and City Centre. Each character has its own characteristics that can be improved. Managing your character and follow the main line of play that repeats the movie's plot, you will develop your story, changing the world around us. The next game in which you want to focus - The Matrix # Path of Neo from the company Shiny Entertainment, released in 2005. In this version of the story repeats the story of the film trilogy, and players can play the role of Neo. Path of Neo - is the single-player 3D shooter. Player will receive a complete set of game play, where there are also a confrontation with artificial intelligence game, and going to the achievement of the ultimate goal, and the accumulation of points during the game play with the ability to improve the skills of the character. In addition to those mentioned, this is the game matrix and flash games with fast passage, but subject to the uniqueness of the story.

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