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The trend of transforming popular comics, cartoons and feature films to computer games is no surprise, and has become the norm of modern computer industry. This phenomenon is easy to explain, because the use hyped product guaranteed to attract the attention of consumers and lead. Children is always sad to leave their favorite cartoon characters, and the ability to extend the communication with them in gaming options, always happy. In this case, you can play with them much longer and in different versions, as games with their participation created quite a lot. Children can feel the writers, directors, artists and directors. Driving familiar characters, children no longer look at it from the side, as in the case of animated films, and feel part of his world and interact with them directly. Such examples are quite a lot, but now we will focus on the comedy film "Cars" and its main character - the car McQueen, nicknamed "Lightning". Games Makvin able to reach out to various age categories of players. Reason for the popularity of these games is caused by the rapid development of today's kids, which is able to understand the subtle humor, as well as the lack of such a vibrant and entertaining product during developing socialism of today's adults. While grown men in the shower in no hurry to part with my childhood and gratefully absorb modern cartoons, filled with light humor and the dynamics of the story, kids demonstrate an understanding of the current depth of ideas and understand the ambiguous situations at adult intelligence. It is possible that games like Makvin, able to combine a few generations, to make them closer to each other and to improve relations through common interests. But why not? Well, you can find it, only to get acquainted with the games on a wheelbarrow closer. The range offers different plots targeting every taste. Amateur races will not be disappointed and will find the game on the speed with obstacles. Preferring logical tasks will also be able to satisfy their cravings and will solve the puzzle in a game. In addition to the main character, in games there are other characters involved in the cartoon. Thus, the tractor will save Maitre Makvina of an awkward situation in which he found himself inadvertently fallen down the fence route at a sharp turn during the race. Another story invites you to participate in the competition for the Cup Big Ram. Check in is in several stages, which become more complex as the game progresses the quality of roads and the environmental conditions. Arriving first, you confirm title Lightning, which is Makvin. Makvin games are not without humor, which so pleases us in the movie "Cars." And though it is different from its parent, but the difference is only in favor of the games, making them even more interesting and unusual. Maitre tractor with lightning Makvinom not mind to have some fun and once at night on the farm, will scare other tractor. Intruders have a peaceful sleep-weary labors tractors chaos and confusion. Quite a loss, they clumsily and quite funny overturn. Many games coloring allow young artists to enjoy the game, creating a new image for the characters or recreating familiar. Puzzles, find pairs of identical pictures or differences will be variants of the game for attentiveness. Games for all ages and tastes will make the process dynamics and excitement, and humor lift your spirits and bring a smile.

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