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Experienced gamers have become accustomed to the fact that after the cinematic masterpieces were computer games based on their story. Familiar characters expand their living space, jumping from blue screen on a computer monitor. However, not always the same story game version to the original, but it does not mean that the game becomes less interesting. Often, quite the contrary - it is possible to take part with the heroes in new adventures and get a lasting impression of the new interpretation of the story line. Learning something new is always interesting and enjoyable, and if you feel any involvement in the creation stories, the process can catch and hold the monitor for hours. For some time now, writers, directors, artists, animated films and video games began to resort to this trick, when animals and inanimate objects are similar to humans. A similar situation is clearly visible in the full-length animated film "Cars" from the director of Pixar's John Lasseter. Dynamic and funny comedy is great for family viewing, and computer games based on its repeated scenes of colorful characters and anatomy. Characters look at us with big eyes and talking, smiling, laughing and sad. In this you may well be able to see for yourself, if you play games Makvin cars. The main character Lightning McQueen comedy with eyes the color of the sky has kept his sense of humor, fun and cheerful disposition, and his friends in the film, also moved into the game and now continue to frolic with a bang. The main task of the car - a speed. But if it is a race car, then speed it becomes a way of life and sense of victory. During a lightning Makvina, the prototype was chosen formula car NASCAR. With a parent hero simply must take first place in the race. To confirm his title Lightning, you will participate with Makvinom racing, and help him win. You have to go the route of different complexity. This may be a classic race auto racing on winding roads, but can be and race through the city streets, where the way the wheels will prevent other cars and pedestrians. Possible exchange of fire with the transformation of the plane. About bonuses also not forget - the collection, one of the important tasks the game. Run the race you will be arrows on the keyboard, but this you will not get used. Many flash games racing traced scenes from various parts of the animated film "Cars". To race from becoming monotonous movement, on the way you have to overcome obstacles. Sometimes it will happen unfortunate misunderstanding, for example, Makvin overturn and fall into the abyss. Then come to the rescue of his friend tractor and help him get out. To venture succeeds, it will be necessary to take into account the angle and force a throw rope. Wheelbarrows Makvin games are not limited to racing. For fans of puzzle games puzzle provides different complexity. Individual tiles are in a chaotic manner and you to succeed and build a picture together, have to work hard and be smart. Hidden object - another version of developing games. Coaching observation, you will easily cope with the task. Creative nature will appreciate the ability to paint your favorite heroes in games coloring. Remember how they look in the original and try to reproduce all the details right. But if you like to experiment, well, maybe your image version will be just as impressive.

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