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Famous throughout the world game Medal of Honor (the Russian version - Medal of Honor), founded by Steven Spielberg himself made - a successful American film director, is one of the best in the genre of first-person shooter. Subjects of the game - World War II. The first part of the game was released in 1999, but to play games online Medal of Honor are not tired now, because the game is really worthwhile. The action of the first part of the game takes place during the mid-1944 to May 1945. The main hero of the game is James Patterson, Stephen - military transport pilot corps. He called to the front, survival rates are not just one course at the academy. In the course of the game should take a lot of complex missions and tasks that will immerse you in an atmosphere of World War II. The game is very pleasant to fans of the stories that have already read many books about the Second World War, and did not know how to learn something new about your favorite historical period. Arsenal soldier in the first version of the game consisted of a rifle BAR and M1 Garand, a pistol with a silencer, submachine guns MP 38, Thompson, and the Bazooka grenade launchers Panzershrek, as well as conventional grenades. In some missions you can find the stationary machine guns MG-42. They do not need reloading and ammo is infinite, only limited by their range of fire. In subsequent versions of the game weapons are sometimes changed, and sometimes improved. All lovers of military subjects, be sure to play "Medal of Honor» (Medal of Honor). The game proved so popular that it was an enormous number of additions and extensions, and they continue to be created! Release of the most recent extension is scheduled for October 2012, but for now you can enjoy the early versions of the game in full. Depending on the version of the game, you can manage a whole army, by an individual soldier. Missions and tasks in all parts of this series of games is very interesting and you have a good time when they will pass. On our site you can find many versions of the popular game "Medal of Honor," and try to get this medal on their own. In addition, you will not need to install the game on your computer and have the most powerful computer, with a better processor and maximum RAM to play. Thanks to technology Flash, games can be played directly on our website. You just have to go to the page with the game and press the "play". Simply you can imagine! All for your convenience and enjoyment!

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