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The image of a mermaid found in many folk legends. This is a mythological creature, usually female, and lives it is often in the water. In mermaid upper body looks like a girl, and instead of legs it fishtail. The common feature of all the mermaids are the long, flowing hair, which in ordinary life for a girl taboo, and if someone decides to show bareheaded, received condemnation. Most often depicted with blond mermaid hair color, hence the name "mermaid." But in some parts of Russia were in the form of a mermaid little girl with very pale skin, long arms and green hair, or ugly women with vsklochennymi, tangled hair. In Russian folklore, you can meet other names mermaids - loskotuhi, vodyanitsy, bathing, crackers and other nicknames. This enigmatic image formed by different cultures and the features of accumulating for centuries. Something mermaid purchased from Homeric sirens, and something of the Greek nymphs. But as they had not imagined the different people, all of them attributed their magical abilities. According to legends, the mermaid could bewitch sailors, luring them into a bank, they were forced to jump overboard and sank, carrying off into the depths. Bathing in the river mermaid also lured to the middle of the reservoir, tickling them and drags on the bottom. Believe if mermaids drowned girl, she herself became a mermaid. Especially dangerous to approach the water for the holiday of Ivan Kupala, because at this time all the spirits became the most active. Today, when people no longer believe in the supernatural, the image of a mermaid bought a completely different meaning. Now, we perceive them as fairy-tale characters, and tried to create a film for us sweet image of these water dwellers. Different TV companies always actively use images mermaid. Sometimes it appears in the title role, and sometimes appears sporadically, making the picture a color. Perhaps most clearly highlighted the life story of a mermaid Walt Disney animated film "The Little Mermaid" based on the tale G. H. Andersen. Gorgeous redhead Ariel won the hearts of children and adults. This good, colorful and fun filming contributed to the creation of the game mermaid where history took a new turn and began to develop on its scenario. Now the kids have the opportunity not only to admire the main character on television, but also to come up with for her new outfit, paint, add to the puzzle, a new hairstyle and go on a romantic date with a prince. Another girl - Leila from Winx, became a mermaid and has to collect gems, which have air bubbles for breathing under water. And Barbie growing a tail, also become a mermaid. Games for girls mermaid - this set of stories, where you will meet friends mermaids see sunken treasure ships, the beauty of the seabed with colorful coral, coves and beautiful plants. Solving puzzles, collecting items and completing quests, you will gain points and unlock new levels. Three girlfriends Rikki, Cleo and Emma from the youth series «H2O. Just Add Water "were mermaids swimming in the lake when the vent of the volcano. Now, just one drop of water turns them into mermaids. It is based on the story and created a mermaid h2o games. You have to save his friends from the network, collect seashells and place mazes. And you can learn through play-dough, which you mermaid three girlfriends.

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