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The famous TV quiz for intelligent viewers, entitled "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" has reached and the Internet. Now there is a virtual version of a millionaire online game in which you can play on our site. This game is a great opportunity to test their knowledge, their own logic and its own intelligence. Most likely, the television version of the game you've seen, but still remind you the rules. The players must answer 15 questions, each with different levels of complexity. The game starts with the simplest of questions. You need to choose the correct answer from four options. If you answer correctly, your winnings increase. Amount for each answer is summed up. They are interchangeable. If a participant in the game to answer a question incorrectly, the game stops, and his win down to the amount of non-flammable, which in this game three. It should be noted that during the game how to become a millionaire you can play on our site, the participant may take three tips. Tip "help room" allows the audience to ask a question in the audience that had gathered on the set of transmission. In the case of the Internet version of the game, the computer itself gives you the statistics of the likely responses. Tip "call a friend" can afford one of his friends, and ask him a question. Hint, "50 to 50" allows you to remove two wrong answers, and in the future to choose only two options. This quiz was devised in the UK, and it was originally broadcast on radio only. However, she soon got to the TV. On the domestic game screens appeared in 1999 and then it was called "O Lucky Man." She immediately gained a huge following, and every Thursday, millions of people gathered in front of screens to watch the popular program is loved. She is popular and all over the day, and its rating is growing from year to year. Thousands of people are dreaming to get to the game show to try to win money through your mind. Of course, the Internet version of the game will not be able to offer you millions for the victory. But it can offer you to test your knowledge is not on TV, but at home, in your own computer, because on the TV program will be able to break not everyone. And if you're lucky, and you become a member of the program, the flash games on our site will help you prepare for the transfer! This game is not only very exciting, but useful, because it trains your intelligence!

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Millionaire game online for free

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