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Computer games have long since left outside limit of their conventions and turned into a world that lives and develops by its own rules. Of course, it is impossible to say that within the gaming laws do not apply, but there was a man far more opportunities to direct events in a virtual reality in a new direction and create a unique character-managed environment. Surely you've already guessed that we are talking about the possibilities of mmorpg online games. It is in these the player becomes an independent character who chooses his own path and build the game by their own rules. MMORPG online games - a multiplayer online role-playing game where players from all over the world can join the process at any time, select a fictional character, manage and develop it, as well as interact with other characters, controlled by real people. In the course of events, they are building their virtual life jointly, and when a player leaves the virtual world, leaving the game, this world does not cease to exist and continues to grow regardless of the absence of one of its inhabitants. Back in the game, the gamer finds his hero in the same place where he had left it. During the game can remain independent from the rest of the character and act alone, but much more profitable to unite in groups, guilds and clans. This strengthens the position of their own during battles with warring tribes or bands, and also increases the chances of improving personal status. In many games, killing enemies, you gain at the expense of extra points, fees and increase your score. Points are responsible for the experience can be spent on improving the skills of the character. Remuneration in the form of game currency and valuable items are the basis of economic relations among the participants of MMORPG games. The more you have a virtual currency, the more you can buy or exchange of valuable and useful things, that is, to obtain the skills and knowledge. The classic version of the MMORPG games can be divided into several styles, but most often seen combination of several. In PvE (from the English. Player versus Environment) a player interacts with the environment, and the process obsessed with the relationship with the world and improving their own performance in the course of events. PvP (Player versus Player) is constructed in such a way that a player acts against another player, trying to suppress and to proclaim their superiority. Here there and opposition to each other and exchange of virtual objects. The combination of PvE / PvP it becomes clear that there is a symbiosis of the gameplay, and the two directions is the most common version of the game. In RvR (Realm versus Realm) is a struggle between the kingdoms, that is, groups, clans, bands, cities, and so on. PvPvE (Player versus Player versus Environment) - players stand facing each other and against the environment, where the third party is non-fiction as an arbitrator and balances the side. PvMP (Player versus Monster Player) player against another player, who plays for the Monster. In addition to the paid version, mmorpg games online for free are also available. However, to improve the status of his hero and to be able to access additional resources necessary to purchase virtual items for real money it is. Mmorpg online games are made in a wide range of story lines, but the most popular still remains a fantasy.

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