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Everybody knows, but not all have ever played the game "Monopoly". This game is a board's economic strategy, which can be attended by two or more people. Monopoly has gained popularity in the twentieth century in many countries of the world, it did not escape his attention and the former Soviet Union. First cardboard version was back in 1934, During the Great Depression, but made it up by Charles Darrow. He showed the game design by Parker Brothers in order to issue its general circulation, but was refused on the grounds of discovery in a large number of design errors. Such troubles could not stop Charles and he is using another independently released five thousand copies of Monopoly. The game quickly sold out and liked it. There is a demand, but to continue independent issue Charles was unable to and went back into the same group. One year later, she became the best-selling in America, and today it held world championships and commercial competition in the payment of cash prizes. The game objective is to become a monopolist of all enterprises and bankrupt rivals. View of the monopolies rather trivial - the playing field, divided by the events and squares with assets (companies and valuables). Players take turns to walk around all the squares, and the number of moves is determined by throwing dice, the dice. Each step corresponds to one square. If you have never played Monopoly, now you can fill the gap, as it is reproduced in gaming consoles, mobile phones and computer games. Monopoly online play is not a problem, and you can play both with real players all over the world, and with the computer. Rules of the computer version of Monopoly retained its identity with the original version, so experienced players will not be difficult, having mastered in their new game mode. If the player stops at the cell of the asset, which is free, he can buy it or pay the owner for the right to stay on it if the territory is occupied. If stopping the progress has occurred on the field with the action, the player must follow the instructions that he fell out. This may be getting money in the bank or on the contrary - to give him a portion of their funds go to another field, skip the next course or for more, and so on. Starting Monopoly game online, you will find that the assets belong to different branches, which can be two, three or four companies. Businesses that have the same economic direction, often located far from each other and are marked with the same color. If you took over the assets of one direction, you become a monopoly, which leads to an increase in your income. That is why one of the main areas of the game is buying cards of one direction of the economy in order to monopolize the industry. Since the beginning you will have a modest capital, you will be able to buy only the cheapest assets, but save enough, will develop. You can also improve your assets for a fee, which increases its "lease" during her stay another player during the course. The game features multi-faceted and do different combinations of that as well. Precisely because it is so much interest even among economists and financiers who recognize the monopoly not only enthrall component, but also the possibility of training with the help of some of the nuances of the business.

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Free online game Monopoly

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