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Love to tickle nerves? Then "Games Monsters", it is the place where are collected the most horrific, terrible, unimaginable, exceedingly terrible, crazy-scary game! There is a category of people who love horror, mysticism, thrillers and horror. They do not feed bread, but give afraid. All sorts of monsters of various origins fascinate them. Movie "Alien", "tentacles", "Friday the 13th", "Alien vs. Predator" and many other similar products are part of a collection of cinema craving adrenaline. Computer games are not far behind, and offer their own versions of various monsters that see the meaning of their lives in the attack, destruction, capture and murder. Zombies roam the city in search of brains straight from the tin, alien monsters zaryatsya our planet in order to capture it and expand their territorial possessions, sea monsters raise tsunami, sweeping coastal cities, ships sinking in the ocean and sweep away everything what can reach. Also pulled out of the ground that evil spirits - the dead out of their graves, the roots of the trees come to life and attack the mushroom hunters and casual tourists, worms suddenly grow to the size of the airship and devastate entire communities. There is no peace anywhere. On all sides climb bloodthirsty monsters, eager to kill and destroy everything in its path. Monsters games cover all possible manifestations of terror. Even sleep no longer seems so safe. Think of Freddy Krueger from the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street", which attacked the child in a dream, if a child is killed in a dream, he died in the real world. In the computer game Nightmares the Adventure (Nightmare adventure) is a young boy in a dream world. At this point the worlds of the living and the dead were intertwined, but he had to find an answer to a terrible family secret, and until he finds it, he is forced to walk among the monsters that quietly sneak up behind him, and if time does not turn around, it's too late - the monster swallow it. Flash games offer you to get acquainted with the horrors of all worlds. Disembodied ghosts will chase you through the corridors of the old castle, screaming, laughing and uhaya. They pass through the walls, are in the most unexpected places, and even if you run away from him as his legs, he still appears ahead. Vampires - these nocturnal predators will not disappear on you until you try the blood. They cleverly turn into bats and diving on top of you, attack sharply, and nothing you can do. Halloween - the scariest night of the year when all the evil wakes and wanders among the people by attacking them. Because all this time dressed up in costumes, determine which of the monsters real and who is not very difficult. When mechanical robots fail, they become very dangerous. We've learned that robots serve man, facilitating its work. However, it is possible that they have the intelligence and sooner or later they will get tired of people that they are treated without due respect, and want to enslave the human race, establishing its dominance over them. But if you want to really get scared, look at the game with horrible monsters that knew no mercy in games: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Dead Rising, BioShock, Dead Space, Resident Evil, and others. Here you will find the ghosts and sea monsters, and creatures of the results of a failed science. But not all so terrible monsters. Just think of Pokemon. This is also monsters, but look how cute they are! A Yeti though builds himself an evil monster, but really with it very fun to play.

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