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Trendy and beautiful dolls Moxie was first presented in 2008. Even then, they just won the hearts of girls around the world. Moxie Doll Avery, Sofiko, Lex and Bria all kind epitomized the freedom and courage. The name Moxie dolls and has its own translation as courage. Moxie pupae were created as the personification of courageous young people, whose life is full of extraordinary experiences and adventures, which tend to his every day to live rich and happy. Pupae Moxie does not look like Barbie, they are much more energetic and fresh in its concept. Actually, they remind us of teenage girls who do not want us to show themselves wiser or more beautiful than they are. They are bold and confident, they are funny and they have a lot of friends. Today, there were exciting games for girls Moxie, which allow each girl to travel back to the delightful world of friendship and extraordinary adventures. Excellent selection of games doll Moxie will not leave anyone indifferent. Each girl will be able to enjoy the splendor of the bright colors and bold flashy clothes dolls Moxie. Parents do not why spend money to collect the entire collection at the Moxie Girls. Now you can simply and easily run your favorite game of Moxie dolls and just enjoy its development. Particular attention should be given a beautiful performance of each game, Moxie. Convenient and easy control of the game will be the strength of each girl. Each of the Moxie can dress up, dress, comb, and you can pick her own dress, you can make a new hairstyle, apply a beautiful makeup, it all depends on your desires and wishes of your doll's Moxie. Because they are so fickle. Today, Moxie dolls want to go to a party. Therefore, they need to find a beautiful and eye-catching outfit, you need to make a vivid and memorable makeup hairstyle. Do not forget to take your Moxie to the desired accessory. And tomorrow, Moxie will have fun with her friends in the mall and it will require a new style, more athletic, and collected in the beam will give the doll hair style. Each Moxie attracts its own character, which is invested in its appearance the game developers. Each doll is special, it is not like the others, bright and catchy. Undoubtedly, each Moxie requires a special approach. Playing with dolls online Moxie is a pleasure. This is not the plastic toys that are already sick. Computer games carried away, because when you play it. You can use a completely different game devices and services. So many dresses, many available to you in the game of Moxie, anywhere you will not find it. And to make a decent wardrobe for it would have much to spend. So soon start an exciting game of your choice on the delightful adventures of Moxie, and you not only enjoy yourself but also be able to get a real charge of energy and good mood. You will be able to share with your girlfriends adventure doll, will be showing new images, invented by you, they will appreciate it!

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