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When a man has learned to make sounds with objects, he invented music. Since then it has developed and modified. On it you can learn the history, as each era had its own characteristics, which affects the music. Not all the tunes are born man made history. Many die in the memory of the audience, giving way to a new, modern compositions. Others include the ages and acquire the status of classics. Music is so many faces that have their styles and many fans. Chamber music, jazz, country, rock and roll, techno, metallic, rock and many other public areas or created for a narrow circle of admirers. Musical instruments also evolved over time and now we can enjoy the sound of electric guitars, drum sets, synthesizers and entire electronic systems. It is not gone and classical instruments, which, combined with modern facilities provide stunning sound effect. Music accompanies us everywhere. In addition to concerts, discos and parties, we can enjoy it from the radio, TV, MP-3 players and mobile phones. Song helps us to not only live, but also to build. Just create the background music in the office, shop or home, and is much easier to overcome the tasks and working moments. Even computer games would be less interesting, if not accompanied by a soundtrack. That is why our web site is not missed by the other great products such as playing music. Great if you are visiting a music club or school, but if your education no musical direction, then with our games you can independently learn musical notation, learn to play a musical instrument, writing and recording his own compositions. All you need is the desire and a little perseverance. Music games online are created in such variety that everyone can easily find what you are looking for yourself. Learn to play guitar, piano or drums can be an easy and accessible way. You will not be left alone with the instrument and weird notes. You will be available to help. You will learn how to turn the keyboard keys in guitar strings or piano keys. In addition to teaching music, you will be able to practice in vocal and dance. After studying fashion dance moves at the disco you will not be equal. And if you execute the hit song, become particularly popular and enter the school's history as a musical prodigy. Music games for girls offer you this opportunity for free. Create your own musical image of man, and your popularity will increase many times. Games of varying complexity and directions are provided for players with different tastes and hobbies. Do you want to conduct yourself orchestra? No problem! Dreaming of glory DJ? Also not a problem. Like games with humor? Then Masyanya help you! This playful and silly girl can sing, dance, and even to be a DJ at a youth disco. Join her and get their share of musical humor. Continuing the theme of humor, with a group of the Beatles sing «Come together», and cheerful, cheer you music video, showing a parody of Queen's with the song "Bohemian Rhapsody." Little gamers will be able to play music games with Barbie or crumble. And one by one by clicking on the horses can hear them sing. Enjoy music in games can be different, but in any case it informative and entertainment.

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