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Cartoon, "Well, wait a minute" is one of the few Soviet series, which continue to be pleased to look at and today's children. We review a dozen times, these uncomplicated stories involving poor wolf, who is constantly out of luck and a clever rabbit. In this series, we were happy and unique humor and unique voice and Papanova Rumyantseva and Soviet musical hits, and the full collection of circumstances - from a fairy hut to the stadium, from the beach up to the Christmas tree. Above all, this cartoon is not bad, despite the opposition of the main characters. "Well, wait a minute," became a cult cartoon for its time and continues to delight audiences, though now a huge number of new characters. However, "Well, wait a minute," gained fame not only on our television screen, but in the games industry. Every child who lived in the 90s of XX century remembers pocket toy manufacturing electronics called "Just You Wait." The main character was a wolf, which had to be caught in a wicker basket eggs, which fell on all sides. This toy does not have any references to the plot of the cartoon. And the image of the hero was taken, probably because it was just a great sign of post-Soviet children. If in the beginning of the game balls are flying at low speed, and the wolf is not difficult to jump right to left, bottom to top and vice versa. That, in future, the eggs will fly from all directions with great speed, and very hard to beat the game, gaining maximum points without broken eggs. Many joked that if you beat the game without a single error, and to 1000 points, then on the small screen handheld game, you can see no well-known series, "Well, wait a minute." Of course, it's just a fun joke. Now a popular game in the pocket 90 exists in the computer version, and play well, wait a minute is free of charge on our website. In the 90's in this pocket game was played because it was the only game for the Soviet people. Tamagotchi Handheld Tetris and appeared only in the late 90s. Thus, the vast majority of online games on "Just You Wait" are devoted not so much a cartoon as popular handheld toy. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the 90s and play well, wait a minute for free on our site. It allows a huge number of people at least a few minutes and go back to those carefree days and cloudless our childhood, which we now recall with great nostalgia.

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Well, wait a minute games free online

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