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Now all the fans of logical and intellectual games can shine his erudition in the vast World Wide Web, as in O Lucky Man can now be played online myself, and not just watch on TV. TV version of the game "O Lucky Man" appeared on our television screens in 1999 and was broadcast on NTV. Its prototype was the least well-known game "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." From the first issue just any high rating and permanently approved the program for release. Over time, the prizes have also become more solid, and the principal has grown to three million rubles. While one could get to the studio game, other fans continued to remain in the ranks of the audience on this side of the screen to give correct answers, prompting players. Now everyone can experience the success, starting in about a lucky online play. To become that winner who picks the grand prize, you have to give the correct answers to fifteen questions. Home seems very easy. And was designed to give you time to warm up and gain traction. As in the TV version, according to the rules you have to choose from four answers to the question. If doubts gnaw at you and make it impossible to determine for sure, look for aid hall version 50/50 or call a friend. If you prefer the version 50/50, the game will only have two options, one of which is correct, and the rest will be closed. Call a friend there is no need to explain, everything is clear. We only need to remind you that you have to take this call is only thirty seconds. Selection by the hall will show you the view of spectators, who will vote for the right, in their opinion, an option. Their opinions were divided, but you can focus on the greatest number of votes cast in one of the answers. But if you change your mind, you can answer yourself. In the fifth and tenth levels of the game you can get fireproof money - five and one hundred thousand. Once past them and gave the wrong answer, you will still be left with this amount. Perhaps such a guarantee few discouraged, but you will not be left empty-handed. When, after the game you will find yourself, even with a small but a win, it will be an incentive to improve their scholarship for the next game. Computer games are updated over time, are improved. They are new nuances that can make them even more interesting. The updated base game "O Lucky Man", new questions covering different direction and the opportunity to win real money. Playing this game, you will find it a great addition or alternative to crosswords and other logic games. It stimulates new knowledge and expanding horizons. For those who are constantly engaged in self-development, the game will necessarily have to taste. Along with it you will learn a lot of useful and new information for themselves. With this you can play for fun, with no intention of winning the coveted million. But if this desire is present, then the "O Lucky Man", this is exactly what you need. Game design is very similar to the version of a TV, and it has the effect of this, the game studio. Put yourself in the famous transfer and become one of the lucky ones who, through their erudition could break a big jackpot. Today it is fashionable to be just smart, but tomorrow it will bring you prosperity. Take advantage of the opportunity to prove this theorem is already playing the game, "O Lucky Man!" And we wish you luck in this fun and gambling.

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