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Many people ask: What is parkour? This is not only an extreme sport, entertainment and adrenaline sharp product of the evolution of modern cities, but this youth subculture. This is an unusual sport, which involved young people from morning till night on the streets of cities. From it is simply breathtaking, though often necessary to make an appointment in advance to traumatology, before starting this activity extreme entertainment. Admirers of parkour climbing on roofs, run up walls and perform just breathtaking stunts. Thanks to the sport a real art. So consider not only the parkurschiki, and associates, who simply hang down from the jaw of tricks that serve athletes. But parkour game, dedicated to this extreme acrobatics, of course, much safer. In virtual space, the main thing not to fall off the chair, doing the next trick. If you are a fan of the sport, parkour online games you really like. Playing them, you do not risk their own lives and simply enjoy extreme acrobatics online! In the flash game of parkour on our web site contains the best game. Of course, not all games need to overcome obstacles, jumping off roofs, clinging to the wall. For starters, you can try to jump in the height or length of the initial levels. Then, of course, have to perform more difficult tricks. All, as in real life. Play games Parkour is very interesting, and they are a wonderful way to hanging out. Usually, these games require a great reaction. Even if you are not too advanced, after a few hours you spend with the virtual parkour, your reaction will be just excellent. That is why such entertainment are not only pleasant but also useful. In addition, they learn to think strategically, but also increase the speed of the brain. How do you get for so many people parkour became a real life style, the art of overcoming obstacles. Once you potreniruetes, playing in a virtual parkour, you may want to join the lovers of active leisure, which is probably in every city. A huge number of games of this sport, which are represented on our site, you will get a basic understanding of it, and may allow you to decide what kind of parkour is more suitable for you. We wish you success, as in a computer simulator and a real sport!

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