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Company «Nickelodeon» and «DreamWorks Animation» create a fun cartoon series "The Penguins of Madagascar", which took the lead penguin-commando, and now we have the opportunity to play the game Penguins of Madagascar by the eponymous series. This cartoon our viewers saw in 2010, although the screens of America, he appeared in 2008. After the first dating, viewers love funny animals and imbued with sparkling humor and dynamic plot. Four penguins - Skipper, Private, Kowalski, Rico and live in the Central Park Zoo in New York and have positioned themselves as a detachment of special forces. They demonstrate martial arts skills, and support the establishment of order in the zoo, which tries to break the King Julian by taking power into their own paws. The Penguins of Madagascar game so dynamic that the player is fully immersed in the story and does not miss a minute. All penguins are as a team, but differ own character and skills that positively affects the general case. Skipper is a team leader position, which caused great military experience, making him confident in yourself and your actions. But this does not prevent him from being sensitive and kind. Of the team, he more than anyone else can not tolerate Julian and called him by different nicknames. Skipper's weakness is that he is afraid of needles. The highest and most intelligent Kowalski always busy working and the invention of new combat tactics and military campaigns, which are not always successful, and threaten the team big trouble. He does not believe in the supernatural, being hardened realist, afraid of dentists and plays the banjo. Most taciturn of penguins - Rico, preferring action words. He has a strange thing - it swallows different things, and if necessary, re-extract them. Skipper even called him a psychopath worldwide, which was confirmed in practice many times. One day, nearly killed Rico Zoo and along with half the world. Despite this reputation, Rico can be gentle and show love. In contrast, Kowalski, Private believe in mysticism, but science. Somehow he managed to invent quantum gipermilost that affects the brain of animals and people, overloading it and cuts. Terribly afraid of cockroaches and badgers is very sensitive, and often critical of the skipper. Online Games Penguins of Madagascar will introduce you closer not only charismatic penguins, and other residents of the zoo. Lemoore Julian had lived on the island of Madagascar. He considers himself royalty and makes several attempts to seize power in the zoo and domination over all of its inhabitants. His self-esteem so high that he sees all the signs, and even a change in the weather attributed to the fact that the gods are showing interest in him and try to communicate with him. He hates his servant Mort for the fact that he constantly touches his feet. Mort also quite unlucky and so often in slippery situation. Another servant Julian - Maurice, which feeds to the owner rather mixed feelings. Madagascar game as active as the TV series, which served to them the idea. Restless penguins-commandos will take part in complex military campaigns, and demonstrate their combat skills. Herbie, the war on snowmen infuriated with hot water, the destruction of a factory for the development of radioactive materials, and much more awaits you in the game plot.

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