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Pirates - is pirates, and the word "pirate" originates from the Greek term "test, to try." In this case, it is logical to define the meaning of words like "happiness tortured" or "gentleman of fortune." Pirate path is inextricably linked to robbery, murder and plunder. Pirates attack ships, took them aboard and took everything that represented in their view at least some value. They are called storm seas, and seeing in the distance a pirate flag, did not venture to communicate with them, but only prayed heaven on a fair wind to catch them escape. They were afraid because the pirates had nothing to lose. They were outside the law, and on occasion they were hung without trial. This is actually what makes them extremely dangerous. After all, when people do not follow the law and they know that their head a reward, they will fight for life and death. Moreover, that death always went on their heels and became inseparable friend. But there were legalized pirates - buccaneers. Despite, their status, their actions were no different from the classic thugs. Corsairs had official permission of the supreme power to attack merchant ships states that at the moment the war was. It brings profit to the treasury of the country, to replenish their personal wallets and undermine the economy the other belligerent. We know the pirates as a desperate, romantic seas and untiring. The impression of them have formed under the influence of the cinema and, subsequently, the computer games. That only is the film series "Pirates of the Caribbean". This film is a prime example of romanticizing pirates. Certainly, many of the boys after watching this movies came discouraged by the fact that gone are the days when you could sail, furrowing rough sea. Walk with a wooden leg, to cover one eye bandaged, wearing a cocked hat, raise the mast on a black flag with a skull and crossbones, drink rum instead of water, to teach a parrot to shout "Palundra!"Look for a chest of gold, attacking ships and evade pursuit firing. All this is a thing of the century, and even today's pirates do not seem as attractive as they were before. But since the craving for dangerous adventure is not dead, must be content with an alternative to playing online games pirates. Let sitting behind the monitor, you will not feel the wind in his face, do not try a taste of saltwater spray, do not recognize the smell of gunpowder, will not feel any weight on the chest of gold. But you will avoid injury or death gallows not know what scurvy, cold and hunger. Even if you are hurt and you will be able to recover, after drinking a bottle of suspicious liquid, and if killed - can start the level again. When looking for the positives in any situation, you can get a lot of pleasure from that available to you. Pirates online games - is the set of subjects. You may want to play in the "Pirates of the Caribbean", but you can appreciate and other equally fascinating subjects. You have to skirmishes between pirates other ships. One extraction is not divisible by two, so the fight is going to be serious. Collect gold coins and find as much as a treasure - this is the main task of every self-respecting pirate. That is why, of gold in the games will be enough. Take the assault ships, shoot guns, throw a race on the ships, maneuvering between the reefs, hunt for treasure. Or play golf pirate, wear a scarf and fight a ninja. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

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