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What could be worse than the pirates - these pirates, horror at the merchant ships and ordinary travelers? These, drunken beggars and cripples, holding at gunpoint ships laden with goods and take them on board the ship, plundering and pillaging. But in spite of such a formidable reputation, the Pirates have always been a symbol of good luck and sea adventures. On them a legend and song, and the story of their secret treasure hidden in a safe place, which is hard to find the uninitiated, a whisper passed from mouth to mouth. It is this scandalous popularity never turns heads and is a springboard for writing novels, screen films, and in this age of progress, creating computer games. A series of feature films "Pirates of the Caribbean" exceeded the boldest expectations and soared to the highest position of the rating, and its creators brought millions of fees and royalties. Even taking into account a number of special effects, without a charismatic and brilliant actor Johnny Depp, the film is hard to imagine. The emergence of the Caribbean Pirates game does not seem so surprising. On the contrary, film fans were looking forward to a repetition of the plot in the game version of the game and therefore the output in 2003 from Akella, no surprise. The game world is constructed from a variety of locations. Here you will see the ship's hold, home, visit the beaches and in the jungle, as well as in many other places. Nathaniel Hawk - the main character in the game. You will have to develop its characteristics, adding experience and skills. In your arsenal there is a considerable range of knives, but its characteristics, such as weight, does not affect the ability to fence. Firearms are also there, but in a rather small range. In use, after each shot will have to be recharged, which is not going to benefit in critical situations. The participants in the game ships vary with the originals, but are available in variety, from the weakest - tartan, to the most powerful - manovar. As the game Pick up vintage items whose value lies in the fact that they can be sold for money. Very realistic and spectacular are the naval battles, when crack and fall mast ignite fires in the building from the nuclei appear holes, torn sails, ships taken boarding, and people shouting, were sent to the court and subjected to a search. During the game you will have to communicate and build a dialogue, choosing from a list proposed by the replica. Even you go treasure get into the temple of the Incas, will rebuff living skeletons, corpses and search artifact. In addition, the need to perform various tasks necessary to advance in the game. Offers quests, where you fight as Satanists, the priest justify and maintain ships. Will become a mediator in the secret correspondence, help daughter back toffee, will need to get saber Nicholas Sharpe and more. Following this, began to leave the new games. Each developer has tried to invest in the story your story, and you will meet Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl. The basis of the multiplayer game "Pirates of the Caribbean / At World's End," the year 2007, on which the company worked Eurocom Entertainment Software and Buena Vista Games, laid plots of two films, "At World's End" and "Dead Man's Chest." In the version of the game Pirates of the Caribbean by Disney Interactive Studios, you can create your own character, to buy a ship, creating a team of other players and take the job quest.

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