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Largest developer of video games Nintendo has released a product called "Pokemon" (from the English. Pokemon, which means Pocket Monster - Pocket Monster), which in popularity is second in the world after the Nintendo Mario - game series, authorship owned by the same company. In consequence of the Pokémon games as a pretext for a collectible card game, manga, and other original items. Pokemon - is fictional creature that lives in a fantasy world, and the possession of magical powers. These creatures quite a lot - more than six, and each has unique skills. People in the world of Pokémon trainers are these little creatures. They teach them to fight and put his team in the battles with other Pokemon. These battles are never carried to the blood. Enough to one of the coaches announced the completion of the contest or to one of the participants on the field of battle to fall, exhausted, fighting stops. If you're a fan of fantasy, then Pokemon games, these are the games that can give you a lot of pleasure from talking to young, cute creatures, endowed with magical powers, independent of affiliation to one of the Pokemon of the elements. This accessory must be considered, exposing his charge to the ring. Pokemon different elements can be easily won or lost each other, depending on the native element. For example, putting on a ring of fire pokemon, you will ensure the victory over the ice or grass monsters, but the water or stone will win it easily. But sometimes Pokemon belong to two verses at once, and then their fighting qualities are enhanced. What is involved in the cup pokemon battles, the higher his experience, which leads to the growth of its other characteristics. When the level of development it becomes high enough, Pokemon moves in his performance so far that it may well be a separate species. Contribute to this growth a good coach, who lovingly care for their wards. You can get new monsters by their capture. People go hunting and as soon as the field of view appears Pokemon, they throw in a pokebol - a device for carrying even a fairly large monsters. If captured Pokémon can not get out pokebola, it becomes a disciple of the person. People can have an unlimited number of Pokemon, but with them you can carry no more than six. The rest live in a separate repository, from which they can be retrieved at any time, to exchange or sell. During exercise between people and Pokemon there is a connection on an emotional level, and the process of training your pet is not only useful, but also a person raising their sense of responsibility. Each coach carries a Pokédex - handheld electronic encyclopedia, which enters all the data on the new Pokemon. Addition of new information encyclopedia - is one of the goals of the game Pokemon. Join the magic world of Pokemon, and enjoy the games, where you can participate in an incredible story, to which are colorful, little monsters Pokémon. Games of many genres and subjects collected for you on our web-site, and you'll fight, Jigsaw, playing agility and speed. Or you can wear or decorate them to your liking. Pokémon game created specifically for fans of the genre, and if you're one of them, then do not waste your time and join the many players who are able to evaluate our game.

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