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Let's talk about poker - card game, where the player's goal - collect the most successful poker games and winning bets. Poker rules may vary depending on the kind of game. And there are things that unite all versions of the game, for example, combinations of cards, the presence of trade, and play with hidden or partially hidden cards. Poker is so popular that no casino player does not make the game fun to indulge in his shop. Poker is gambling, which made financial or other material rates. For those who do not know how to play poker, we suggest to familiarize with its rules. By prior arrangement, the game involved a deck of thirty-two, thirty-six, fifty-two or fifty-four cards, and party members there may be from two to ten. The most commonly played fifty-two card that is accepted as a standard. Each card has its own dignity, and the deck is read from top to bottom - from ace to deuce. And Ace is seen as the lowest card, forming Street. But in a set of ace, jack, queen and king, ace gets older. The game includes concepts such as round, street and trade - phase of the game, depending on the type of poker. When players get cards on hand, they either make their bets, or quit the game. The winner is the player who was able by a bluff, a successful card deal, raising rates before the card is opened, push the other participants of the game. If you can not find a worthy opponent in life, experience the power and fortune by starting to play online poker for free on our Web site. If you are among the people gambling, then poker games for you. Can not be afraid that you will be deceived. This is impossible, because computer games introduced an algorithm that does not allow to use dishonest methods. Who ever you start playing - live opponent or computer intelligence, you can be sure that the victory will go to, who has the analytical mind and who lucky. If you've never played poker game, but you know names such as: squares, flash straight or flush Royal, we are happy to explain their purpose. Four of a kind - this is when the hands of players gathered four of a kind. For example, four fours, threes, fives, and so on. A fifth of the total falls tandem. Flash - is part of the five unpaired cards of the same suit. Straight - Five cards when different colors are arranged in order. The cards ace junior dignity is the smallest of them, and a few individuals, but in a set of pictures (jack, queen, king), becomes a senior. Flash Street called five cards of the same suit that are lined in order. Royal Flash - is also collecting five cards of the same suit, but in the order of ten to ace. There are other names. Full House - is the alignment of three cards of one rank and a pair, such as three sixes and two fives. Three of a kind in the composition with any two, become "set." There are combinations like "two pairs" and "one pair." Poker has a lot of variety and you can mention names such as Badugi Draw, Stud, HORSE, Omaha, Lowball Deuce to Seven, Texas Holdem, double diskarding Draw. Although the first mention of poker can be found in the XVI century, reliably about its origin is unknown. Rules of the game, too, all the time changing. We offer you to play poker for free, and we wish great victories.

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