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Pony - this small and touching horse, has always been a cherished dream of girls and boys. Her long bangs, sad eyes with long eyelashes and a sad look is those traits that do not leave kids in the heads. Pony portrayed in children's carousel and they ride in the park. This is a true friend of children and their first acquaintance with the horse. But in contrast to the high horse, pony unable to scare or hurt, even accidentally. A humble and docile animal that his small stature is only delight and desire to cuddle. But, despite its modest size, the ponies are very proud animal, and must treat him with respect. If you manage to make friends, you can assume that they have found a friend for life. They are quite sociable, so easy to go to the contact. They are intelligent, loyal and have good intuition. If something happens to the owner, they get nervous, even if they are from a person at a distance. Ponies are so accommodating, patient and careful never to throw off the young rider, who only understands the skill of riding. Their gentle nature makes them wonderful companions and friends on whom you can rely. Close contact with the pony as a child never forgets and goes through life-long memories. Our housing conditions do not allow us to bring these little horses. And they hardly would have liked such living conditions. But in the game you can play pony at any time and under any circumstances. You may find yourself a virtual ponies, give it a name and come up with a new way for him. Their long mane comb can be infinitely long, and from this they will only become more beautiful. If braid braids and weave them into colored ribbon or bow tie, pony transformed and become smart. In games, you can even create a fabulous pony, if you switch to the traditional color for rich purple, pale blue or pink. If this mane to make a different color, a horse becomes a rainbow horse. Help diversify the game beautiful drawings, which are applied to the body of a pony and give it originality. Finally, change the color of eyes and move the cilia to give them expression. Popular girlfriend of Winx Club now also got its fabulous stallion represented pony. Like his patron, he zableschet rainbow, and even covered with glitter, if you give it the attention it brings to the exterior bright colors. Choose your pony and start his transformation, and a lot of decorations you will provide material for the job. Because, unlike life, games offer us many opportunities, you will be able to send his pony to school dance and teach it to fabricate different steps. But, still, for the horse races are more suitable, so taking part in long-distance races, and come to the finish line first. The girls have to taste-test the game, where they will learn what they are today pony. To know the end result, to answer the ten questions, choosing one of the options proposed answers, and click on them. To preserve the purity of the result, pass closely at most once a day. Write down or remember the daily results and compare them. Games for girls pony - is a funny, lively and colorful game. Delicate nature, believing in magic and witchcraft, hardly not notice so graceful game of graceful animals. Play with pony whenever your mood greatly, and you will always be on our toes.

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