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Series of games "Prince of Persia" can be called the TV series, which consists of sequences of different games. The very first was developed by Jordan Mechner, along with the company Broderbund, and later developed theme in other studios and series published under different names. The first chapter of the game Prince of Persia appeared in early October 1989. For its time, the game was unique in its technology involved in rotoscoping, Mechner with which captures the movements of his brother and introduced them to the game. Because of this, the animation went smoothly and naturally, that combined with addictive gameplay made the game memorable. The story unfolds in Persia. Sultan went for military exploits, and at this time the Vizier Jaffar launched an insidious plan of a palace coup and seized power. As a true villain, he does not stop halfway, and capturing the princess, puts her terms - to marry him or die. Beloved princess imprisoned in a prison, but no shackles will not keep the heart in love, and now his goal - to escape from the cold dungeon and rescue the princess from the clutches of the villain. The game runs in real time. Playing the prince must try to pass the levels over time and try not to die. If this happens, will have to start from the beginning of a lost level, but the time you have already spent, is restored. Attempts to have an infinite number of times, but even if you did not die, but runs out of time frame, it is also considered a defeat. Spent force can restore using potions. A force will spend much - you wait a different danger and obstacles. The guards also did not nap and chase after you. Evaluate the situation correctly, and then in the end all adventures await hot embrace princesses. The next part platformer "Prince of Persia 2 & Shadow and Flame" released in 1994 by Broderbund Software. Jaffar is still alive, and the story continues. Villain finds new strength and sinister powers. Black magic allowed him to assume the form of the Prince and change the appearance of your opponent. Sultan not sit at home and while he again walks the path of war, the power of the Vizier still cleaned their hands. Prince will know that they belong to the royal blood, miraculously escapes from captivity and, with no less a miracle survivors of the attack of demonic forces. In this part of your goal is revenge Jaffar, to regain the true face and the reunion with the princess. 1999 marks the game "Prince of Persia 3D». This is a beautiful version with volume graphics, where you still have to save the princess from the clutches of Jaffar. In 2003 he published a game from Ubisoft in collaboration with the author of the first part of Jordan Mechner, "Prince of Persia & Sands of Time." Here we are confronted with a change of genres as a platform into a shooter while preserving the story and style of play. Next are the game "Prince of Persia Warrior Within &" or version of "Prince of Persia Warrior & inside", which was published in 2004. The game features that it contains bloody scenes, foul language and nearly naked women. The game has received several scandalous reputation and left many countries only when it seized from various dirty and turned it into a product suitable for younger audiences. Rounding out the theme game 2005 release "Prince of Persia The Two Thrones &" and in 2010 "The Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands &". Play Prince of Persia, then plunge into the tale of the East, and a number of extensions of stories makes the game look like a fairy tale Shaherizada with its thousand and one night.

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